Friday, July 8, 2011

It's coming...but in the meantime

As you've probably guessed, we have an announcement to make and it's coming soon...but not yet.

In the meantime, here's a breakdown of our today:

- Baby Ruby came over to play
Does my child ever wear pants? Nope.  Who need pants with a cute Fuzzibunz bottom? 
Lila was putting on a little one-toddler-band show for Ruby, who was clapping enthusiastically!
- Lila threw a washcloth in the toilet
- Lila almost threw Baby Ruby's Cookie Monster toy in the toilet (no more playing in the bathroom for Lila)
- I rocked Baby Ruby to sleep while Lila ate lunch
- Lila smeared banana in her hair
- Lila got a bath
- Lila pooped in the bathtub (yeah, that whole pooping in the potty was a total fluke)
- I tried desperately to put Lila down for her nap without waking Baby Ruby up from her nap (and when I say desperately, I mean it.  My introverted self was much in need of a few seconds of alone time!)
- Lila yelled "Mommy?" from her room as soon as I walked out the door and woke Baby Ruby up from her nap
NOTE: the following things I am NOT proud of, but in the interest of full disclosure...
- I froze for a second after Lila yelled and then cussed and punched the bed when Ruby's cry came through the monitor* (also, I scared the dog)
- I hurt my shoulder from punching the bed
- I unfairly snapped at the Husband who happened to call just a little too soon after the Lila-waking-up-Baby-Ruby-and-Mommy-punching-the-bed incident
- I unkindly hung up on the Husband (evidently it was his fault that Lila woke up Baby Ruby)
- I let Baby Ruby fuss while I calmed down and eventually she went back to sleep
Ok, resume the list...
- Baby Ruby woke up and I rushed in to rescue her before she returned the favor and woke up Lila
- Daddy came home early from work (despite his mountain of computers waiting to be fixed) and rescued Mommy - is he the best or what?  Evidently 5 years of marriage has trained him to read the signs of a wife on the brink of meltdown!
- Lila woke up from her nap saying, "Yay, Mommy!" (was she sucking up after her pre-nap baby-waking shenanigans? I think so) which changed to a delighted, "Hi Daddy!" when Daddy walked into her room
- Daddy took Lila swimming
- I played peacefully with Baby Ruby
- Daddy took Lila swinging
- I played peacefully with Baby Ruby
- Baby Ruby took a bonus nap (evidently she needed it after being rudely awoken from her last one)
- The Husband left to be an rockstar drummer for the Other Mark Miller's CD release party
- Baby Ruby's mommy came to pick her up
- Lila and Mommy met Nanny and Pop and the Great JB at Chik-fil-a and dressed up like cows to get free meals (seriously, 5 free meals = zero dollars paid! Totally worth it!)

- Lila was terrified of all the people dressed as what she thought were doggies
- Mommy drank two Dr. Peppers
- Lila played with Pop in the play place
- Lila threw a fit when we had to leave
- Lila went night-night immediately after we got home

Well, now you're about caught up on our day.  Started out crappy, ended pretty darn good (any day ending in free Chik-fil-a, 2 Dr. Peppers and a tuckered out Baby Girl is a good day).  Plus, tomorrow's Saturday, so Daddy's home!  Yee-haw!  TGIF, Baby.

*P.S. Baby Ruby's Mommy, please let me keep watching her!  I promise this isn't a normal day - usually I don't cuss and punch the bed when your baby girl wakes up!  Really.

P.P.S. Our new story is coming soon!  I promise!


Jessica Blake said...

i laughed out loud a few different times during this post.
you're funny little sister.
p.s. i love lila's little lila face in the second picture. i want to kiss those little cheeks!

Totschies said...

Oh man, haven't punched a pillow but have definitely kicked my innocent husbands shoe across the room that he meant no harm in leaving on the floor, but that tripped me up while I've been up with the rubster. So glad she gets to spend her Fridays with you, and so glad you took Lila to chickfila, good memories.

Katy said...

what an awesome account of your day! Yeah, my hubby tried to take son to chic fil-a for lunch and he said line was way too long for a hungry little boy! Lila is so lucky to have you as a mommy! I can't wait to hear more about your new announcement! love ya!

LA said...

I know JB is your sis...but for a second I got really excited that it was justin bieber...I heart him. No offense jess I heart you too...but you aren't as exciting to go to chick-fil-a with as J-biebs....

Kelsey said...

Ha - Laurisa. JB is actually Jordanne Bonfield. It never occurred to me that Jess was also JB. She'll always be JK to me, I guess. But I also wish I had gone to Chick-fil-a with a cow-i-fied Justin Bieber! Except I probably wouldn't have enjoyed my Dr. Peppers nearly as much because I would have been too busy being really cool and singing "Baby, baby, baby, oh! I'm like, Baby, Baby, Baby, NO!" I'm sure he'd be really impressed.