Thursday, July 21, 2011

a new story: maybe not so new after all?

Read parts 1-10 here.

If you're just now tuning in, the cat's out of the bag!  We're adopting from Ethiopia!

As I have processed this new and (for all the waiting and anticipation) unexpected development, I have been struck by how God can lay the groundwork for something and I can be completely oblivious to it happening underneath my feet.  As I have taken the bird's eye view of our path to adoption, I have realized that the Lord has been putting drops in our Ethiopia bucket from the beginning of our marriage.  I joked with Jordanne that it was her fault - it was she who spearheaded the initial relationship with Food for the Hungry, which led to us sponsoring children in Zeway and Belo, which led to us visiting Ethiopia, which led to us loving Ethiopia, which has now led to us adopting a small bit of Ethiopia in the form of a wonderful little person.
Are you getting tired of my silly little photoshop creations?  I'm just trying to break up all the text of the last 10 days!
What's more, I don't know how I didn't recognize that Eric has been beating the Ethiopia drum from day one. Each time I brought up an option for our adoption path, he would calmly, casually say, "You know, I just really feel this tug from Ethiopia."  Or, "Ethiopia just has my heart in a way."  Or, "It feels like we're tied to Ethiopia."  How did I miss the steady beat of Ethiopia! Ethiopia! Ethiopia! coming from my husband?  I can only chalk it up to the Lord's timing (or my thick-headedness?) - goodness knows if I had recognized it for what it was back in January, my task-oriented mind would already have us plowing through dossier paperwork and homestudy appointments!

In the end I felt a bit silly.  For how long did I cry to God, "Talk to me!  Tell me where our next baby is!" Until he finally had to say, "Kelsey, knock it off!  If you would only stop talking for once and listen to what your husband has been saying you'll know that I told you long ago where your baby is."

It's so like God, isn't it?  He's such a beautiful blend of mystery and order.  And I am amazed and grateful for the beautiful blend of mystery and practicality in our story so far.  The mystery comes from the emotional tie to a country we've visited, we prayed for, sent friends to as missionaries, and invested in the future of by sponsoring kids.  The practicality is found in a country whose adoption system fits our family perfectly.

So, that's the story.  Or at least what's written of it so far.

If you would stick with us one more day, we'll let you in on what our next steps are.  Check back tomorrow!

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Sarah B said...

what a beautiful story! i'm so excited for you guys and thank you for sharing it!