Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a new story: part ten

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We ended our meeting with Nikki saying we would call her with questions and let her know if we came to any decisions.  My heart was surprisingly calm.  I expected it to be racing.

We got in the car and Eric immediately said, "I feel like we went into this week with three questions: international or domestic, what agency and what country.  After this meeting and Saturday's meeting, I feel 99% that we should go international with Children's Hope International and Ethiopia."  I couldn't believe my ears.  So I clarified.

"Are you saying you're sure you want to go the international route?"
"Are you saying you're sure you want to use CHI?"
"Are you saying you're sure we should adopt from Ethiopia?"

We continued the conversation at home.  Me, asking lots of clarifying questions, but with the same disbelieving thought in my mind, "Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?  Could it really be that what I thought would take four months for any action at all has been decided in four days?!"

Finally I said, "So, are you saying that you want to start taking next steps.  And keep taking them until we either bring our child home or God says 'stop!' or 'slow down'?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying,"  Eric said, without hesitation.

"Then I have to tell you something,"  I told him.  And I proceeded to relate my conversation with Genny and Jordanne, my thoughts that the Lord would speak through and to him about where we would find our next child.  We both cried as I told him that I wanted to tell our child that God wanted to tell Daddy where he or she was.  I told him about how I thought this should be his pregnancy.

We cried and we laughed and we stared at one another with that same sort of wide-eyed stare that we shared when we celebrated a positive pregnancy test two years ago.  The kind of stare that says that we've run out of words to express how overjoyed and overwhelmed and grateful we are for the mysterious ways He knits a family together.  It was as if Eric had handed me a positive pregnancy test.  He was pregnant.
ha.  I knew this picture would come in handy someday! This was taken at our birthing class. Gracious, I was huge.
Check in tomorrow for the final part of our adoption announcement! And check out info on our first fundraiser here.

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