Monday, July 25, 2011

stories worth telling

I've been obsessively reading adoption blogs recently.  And by recently, I mean for the last eight months.  But now that we know where our next baby is, I've narrowed my focus to mostly international/Ethiopian adoptions.  You know, to try to wrap my brain around what might be our story.

And so far, every story is worth reading and many are worth re-telling.  I've been so encouraged in my heart to read stories that prove that the Lord chooses our kids for us - biological or otherwise.  We tried to get pregnant with Lila for several months before we finally got a positive pregnancy test.  And often, I look at her and think about all the tears I shed with each month that passed un-pregnant.  And I think, if those months had given us a baby, it would not have been Lila.  It's basic science: different sperm, different egg.

I have loved reading adoption stories that have that same sentiment.  I wanted to share a few with you.  Please take the time to click these links and read the stories.  You won't regret it.

She had a dream about the day he was born.

They thought he was a girl.

I'm sure I will encounter many more stories like this and I hope someday, we'll add ours to the list.

In the meantime, here's a really cute picture of our own little chosen one.  Just because.


Jessica Blake said...

i literally JUST emailed you the link to aaron hale's blog! CRAZY! Jessica Thomas was telling me about that at work last night. love.

Katy said...

And she is the most adorable one too!

brittney said...

hello! just a fellow blogger here. I wanted to let you know that your story of adoption has already encouraged and inspired me. I loved the way you candidly talked about hearing the voice of sometimes when we ask him to speak or guide and direct us, it can be frustrating when we don't hear him as clear as we would like or get discouraged when we don't know what is God speaking or if it's our own heart and desires.
also you have inspired me to finally sponsor a child. not quite ready to adopt (yet) but your story and how it started with sponsoring a child has finally pushed me over the edge to do that which I have felt called to do for a while now. I look forward to reading more about your story! god bless.

Peg said...

We're the "we-thought-he-was-a-she" story. We're currently waiting on an embassy appointment.

The one thing we all learn through this process? God is in control. And He often surprises you. And it's totally awesome.

-- Peg

Peg said...

By the way: We're with CHI, too. And they closed that little hole we found. They were so on top of it so quickly that I doubt any family will every again question the gender of their child.

The agency may call the mistake "a hole" in the system. We call it a God thing.