Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We interrupt this program to bring you...

Okay so I know I'm in the middle of our New Story, but I just had to give you a glimpse into my life right now.

It's not uncommon to walk into a room and see the remnants of one of Lila's "projects."

For example:
She took great care in laying out all of her back-up disposable diapers and did not look kindly on me folding them back up and putting them away
And she's been known to empty a drawer or two.

Well, today I found this:
Those are the circular pieces to her shape sorter.  All the other ones were on the floor in the kitchen.  Perhaps these were in time out for being naughty?
and this:
We received our ValPak coupons in the mail today.  Usually I pull out the free cheese dip for Mi Ranchito and toss the rest, but today Lila got to them before I did and she spent 20 minutes (not exaggerating) "organizing" them.  In fact, as I type, she's back to it.  Yup, they're still on the floor.  I'm too lazy to pick them up.
Also, this is what she's wearing right now:
She refused to wear clothes, but she insisted on her sandals.  And from the looks of things she was beginning another favorite project of hers - pulling all the wipes out of the wipe container. 
I know it looks like I just let my child run amuck doing whatever she pleases, but the reality is most projects are closely supervised and I've usually done the math to figure out if the clean up time is an even exchange for the temporary peace and quiet I get when my active toddler is deeply engaged in something.  Usually it is.  A few harmless projects can be a wonderful thing.  Believe me.


ally stouse said...

loving catching up with your life on here. And that little girl.... oh my goodness. we miss her. I got your message and will miss you on Friday. Totally understand, though. It's 12:48am... it's tomorrow! Ready for post 3. :) xo-

Jami Nato said...

hey this is what my house looks like.

Jessica Blake said...

I can't stand that face. I love it so much.

Heather said...

hilarious!! and oh so cute!