Sunday, August 21, 2011


Jesus, bright as the Morning Star
Jesus, how can I tell you how beautiful you are to me?
My Jesus, Song that the angels sing
Jesus, dearer to my heart than anything
Sweeter than springtime, purer than sunshine, ever my song will be:
Jesus, you're beautiful to me.

Thursday night when I was trying to get Lila back to sleep after our Thunderstorm Adventure, she was frightened and kept requesting that I talk to Jesus about the thunder.  After about five prayers that sounded pretty much the same, I told her, "How about we sing a song to Jesus?"

I tried to think of a song that said his name a lot and the first that came to mind was Sara Groves' "Jesus, You're Beautiful."  I sang it to her a few times and then I told her it was time to go back to sleep.

Well, every night since Thursday, Lila has insisted we talk to Jesus about the thunder even though it hasn't been raining when she's gone to bed the last three nights.  When she was adamant again tonight ("Jesus - Nuh nuh!") I again suggested we sing to Jesus.  That seemed to satisfy her, so I sang "Jesus, You're Beautiful" again.  When I finished, she said in a sleepy voice, "Agah." Again.  I sang it again.  "Agah." And again.  "Agah." And again. "Agah."  Okay, last time.  I sang it again. "Agah." Okay, but this is really the last time.  I sang it again. "Agah." So I sang it three or four more times each time she requested it.

Am I a sucker? Probably, but my daughter's ability to manipulate me wasn't what was at work here tonight.  You see, as I sang that song again for the 2nd attempt at the last time, I realized something.  If my daughter wants me to sing the name of Jesus to her over and over and over again, why wouldn't I?  I want her to know Him.  I want her to understand that He loves her and wants what's best for her.  I want her to trust Him to care for her in His perfect ways.  I want His name to be often in our conversations so that it will be often in hers.  I want Him to be "dearer to her heart than anything." I want her to know that there's never a time to stop singing His name.

So I sang it each time she asked me to and eventually she was satisfied.  But I would have sung it 100 more times if she had asked me to.  Because I'll never reach a point when I have sung Jesus' name "enough" times to my daughter.


Katy said...

That is a pretty song, never heard it before! Sounds like a good lullaby and that so great to hear that Lila wants to hear more about Jesus!! What a wonderful child she is!!

Sarah said...

my mom's lullaby to us was "There's Something About that Name" - she used to sing it ALL the time. to date, it's still my favorite Jesus song. :)

Holly said...

This is so beautiful! What a great mama you are and how blessed to be able to sing and teach our daughters hoe beautiful Jesus is!