Thursday, August 4, 2011

t-shirts, t-shirts, la-la-la-la, t-shirts

We have a few FUNdraising announcements (oh yeah, I just did that).  I didn't want to taint our celebration earlier this week with the tasks and next steps that are already looming, but as you can see by our incomplete thermometer on the right there, we are still a couple hundred short of our first goal.  It might be more accurate to say that the $900 we were celebrating on Monday was actually our first mini-goal.  Our first goal that the thermometer is tracking includes the $900 plus the money we will need to begin our home study ($600) which is the next leg of the race.

Yesterday, we mailed off our first big check (thanks to you all!) along with our first round of paperwork!  Hooray!  So here's what we've got left of our first 6 months (from application to dossier):
There are a few things that are different from the first cost breakdown we shared with you.  A significant one is the "Post Adoption Support" that we didn't factor in (because I only just now noticed it's pre-paid).  Eeek!  And I think there will be a couple hundred dollars worth of random fees for copies of birth certificates, fingerprinting, doctor's appointments, etc that we'll be forking out as we get started on our home study and dossier.  The general feeling when it comes to the time and cost associated with adoption is: it always takes longer than you expect and it always costs more than you think.  That is really hard for my structured brain to cope with, but I just remind myself that the return on investment will be immeasurable.  When it comes down to it, any amount of time and money spent to have our baby home with us is worth it!

Anyway, as the title of this post alluded to, we're going into the t-shirt business for our next round of fundraising!  We have TWO t-shirt endeavors happening to support our adoption.  The first is still in the works as we are working with our new friend and fellow adoptive mama, Heather, on a design for our very own t-shirts.  More to come on that in a week or so!

The second is one that we totally lucked into!  Our sweet friend, Dan and his awesome wifey, Kandace, donated the leftover shirts from Dan's t-shirt business he used to share with his brother.  So we have 4 t-shirt designs to offer you and 100% of the money will go toward our adoption because Dan and Kandace just gave them to us outright!  Are they the best or what?  And one of the designs is very relevant to our adoption!  How convenient is that??

Here's the skinny:
  • All shirts are $15 (or 2 for $20!)
  • All the moo-lah goes toward our adoption
  • We have limited sizes of each shirt because they're leftovers
  • The designs are printed on Alternative Apparel's tees (Africa designs) or American Apparel tees (all other designs) and the tees run, in my opinion, VERY small
  • To order a shirt, go to the t-shirt tab for more instructions

Here are the options (for detail pics, check out the t-shirt tab):

Go check 'em out!  Heck, 15 bucks for an American Apparel tee is a steal of a deal anyway!  Thanks Dan and Kandace! You guys are the best!

And don't forget about our Puzzle Fundraiser - we still have over 400 pieces yet to be sponsored!  Maybe one has your name on it - literally!

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