Thursday, August 25, 2011


First, an Emmaus update:
My disclaimer is that I am in no way a medical expert.  I will do my best to explain my understanding of what's going on with this sweet peanut, but I may have to back track or give corrections if I realize I've misunderstood something! You can read Laurisa's blog (Emmaus' mama) for more accurate information. 
Emmaus is on anti-seizure medications that are doing their job at this point.  She and her mama and daddy were discharged today and get to spend the night at home.

The renal ultrasound revealed no tumors in her kidneys - this is a HUGE answer to prayer.  I don't know medicine, but Nurse Little Sister informs me that kidney problems are no good.  We are grateful for one piece of good news!

The MRI revealed several tumors in her brain which were the cause of her seizures.  This was no surprise, but we were hoping for a miraculously clear MRI...oh well, there's still time for those miracles.  These tumors are not cancerous and neither grow nor shrink over time.  As long as these tumors exist, the possibility for seizures exists.  Our prayer is that the Lord would zap those tumors gone!  In the meantime, we are praying that the anti-seizure medication continues to be effective.

The MRI also revealed several "spots" in her brain's ventricles.  These spots could potentially cause or grow into tumors which could lead to pressure/fluid on her brain.  We are praying that these spots, too would miraculously disappear and that no tumors would form from them.

If you are so inclined, please join us in these prayers for this wee one.  Here's a pic her mama posted on her blog.  Her words were, "No daughter of mine is going to be seen around the hospital looking like a boy!"
isn't she remarkable?  there's not a more perfect kiddo out there. Lila excluded of course!
We are believing in a God who is big and mighty to work a miracle for this sweet girl.  Join us in our prayers for a miracle healing and buy some cuteness from Laurisa's Etsy shop: SaSa Blue Design.  They are using the income from her shop to help pay for the mounting medical bills.  I think the photo above is reason enough to buy from Laurisa - only a wildly creative and talented person could whip up a cute little gauze bow like that, am I right?

And now for an adoption update:
We have turned in our first round of paperwork for our home study and are getting our interviews scheduled over the next few weeks.  We also made our first home study payment (thanks to you guys!) and are well on our way to meeting our next fundraising goal.  Wahoo!

The home study step is a two month process involving interviews, a home visit, paperwork, background checks and fingerprinting, and gathering a bunch of official documents (birth certificates, passports, etc).  In short, not very exciting.  But it will feel so good to get that done because it's a huge part of our dossier and a completed home study will allow us to apply for adoption grants! 

We are about a week behind "schedule" (I wanted to have turned in our initial home study stuff by August 15th and it didn't get turned in until this Monday, the 22nd), but that's okay.  Ultimately, we trust the Lord's timing in all of this.

One change we are making is the age of the child we are adopting.  We initially had said boy or girl under two years old, but we are changing that to boy or girl under 12 months old.  This was a very difficult decision to make.  We are so aware that the older a child gets, the less likely he or she is to be adopted because most people want to adopt an infant.  That alone is what influenced us to initially request a child up to two years of age, thinking that would give us about a year between Lila and her sibling (since we hope to have our baby home by the end of 2012).

But then we started doing the math and realized that the age is the age at the time of referral, not the age at the time we would bring the child home.  We realized that requesting a two year old could mean that the child we were referred may end up being only six months younger than Lila.  And, we have been warned that many of the children's birthdays are estimates so the child we are referred may be several months older or younger than the paperwork suggests (in other words, we might end up with twins!).  When we looked at all that, we decided that it would be best for our adopted child and for Lila to have at least a year apart.  Basically, we think there's a reason God's design is that the closest biological children can be in age is 10 months!  We want to create the best possible family environment for our kids and for us, that means allowing for a good gap between our first born and her adopted sibling.

So that's what we know so far.  Thanks for your prayers for baby Emmaus and for walking with us on our adoption journey.  We'll continue to keep you updated on both!

I don't know how to end this post so...... over and out?


Katy said...

She is so precious! I will continue to pray for her family.
I am so happy to hear you are on your way with the adoption!

LA said...

Thanks for rounding up the prayers kelsey- did you get my email? Excited for the adoption update. PRaying for a young baby for you guys! Love ya