Monday, August 1, 2011

We met our first goal!

I'm happy to announce that we have met our first goal of $900 ON SCHEDULE!  Thanks to each of you who sponsored a puzzle piece, we were able to write the check for our first major payment toward our adoption!  I can't tell you how wonderful that feels and how grateful we are.  

In January, when we began to take some serious steps toward adoption, we invited a few friends who have walked through the last few years with us to be a part of the prayer, processing and discernment that went into our decision making.  A few weeks ago, I sent those friends an email asking for prayer in light of the emotional, financial and relational mountains we felt like we were climbing.  In response, one of those friends sent me this story - an excerpt from George Muller's biography - and I wanted to share it with you:

Towards the end of November, 1857, it was found that a serious leak in the boiler of the heating apparatus of house No. 1 would make repairs at once necessary, and as the boilers were encased in bricks and a new boiler might be required, such repairs must consume time.  Meanwhile how could three hundred children, some of them very young and tender, be kept warm?  Even if gas-stoves could be temporarily set up, chimneys would be needful to carry off the impure air; and no way of heating was available during the repairs, even if a hundred pounds were expended to prevent risk of cold.  
Again Mr. Muller turned to the Living God, and, trusting in Him, decided to have the repairs begun.  A day or so before the fires had to be put out, a bleak north wind set in.  The work could no longer be delayed; yet weather, prematurely cold for the season, threatened these hundreds of children with hurtful exposure.  The Lord was boldly appealed to.  "Lord, these are Thy orphans:  be pleased to change this north wind into a south wind, and give the workmen a mind to work that the job may be speedily done."
The evening before the repairs actually began, the cold blast was still blowing; but on that day a south wind blew, and the weather was so mild that no fire was needful!  Not only so, but, as Mr. Muller went into the cellar with the overseer of the work, to see whether the repairs could in no way be expedited, he heard him say, in the hearing of the men, "They will work late this evening, and come very early again tomorrow."
"We would rather, sir," was the reply, "work all night."  
And so, within about thirty hours, the fire was again burning to heat the water in the boiler; and, until the apparatus was again in order, that merciful soft south wind had continued to blow.

Isn't that beautiful?  I remind myself time and again that our Ethiopian child is His child - he or she is THY orphan, Lord - and surely it will please Him to keep our baby safe and bring him or her home to us soon - or rather make it possible that "the job may be speedily done!"

Thank you, friends for your help in this.  You are the workmen who chose to work into the night for the sake of the children.  We can't do this without you and we are so grateful to have a community who loves us, loves the Lord and loves His orphans!


Katy said...

Beautiful Kelsey, Just beautiful! I am soo happy for you that you made your first goal! That is God working in your life! Love ya,

Jewel & Greg said...

Yes!!! I had no doubt you guys wouldn't be let down.

Jewel & Greg said...

Yes!! I had no doubt you guys wouldn't be let down.