Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

I've started a post about five times already. There's too much to update you on and I've been having a hard time focusing on one thing in particular, so you'll just have to settle for a discombobulated post about a lot of things!

1. We went to Minnesota this weekend!  I went to school there and my mom grew up in Minneapolis so the Husband, the Baby Girl and I try to make it up there around Labor Day every year to visit college friends and family.  We had a blast and Lila did great - other than refusing to take a nap on the way up (boy did we pay for that the next day -the girl was Grumpy with a capital G).  If I can get my act together, I may share a few funny stories from the trip in a later post.  If you're lucky.  Some may have something to do with this nutty lady - my Nanny - who we brought home with us from Minneapolis to stay with my mom for a few weeks.  Since my mom is now Lila's Nanny, my Nanny decided she should be Nanny-Goat (naturally).  So Lila calls her "Nanny-Goke."  Nanny-Goke entertained us on the car ride home by dressing up with ribbons she had in her purse and arguing with us about whether we would be driving through Wisconsin on our way home to Kansas City from Minneapolis.  She was adamant that Wisconsin was on the way.  It's very, very not.

2. We are $70 away from our next goal!  That feels so amazing!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

3. Emmaus and her parents were able to get in to see a neurologist in St. Louis who specializes in TSC (her genetic disorder).  They had that appointment last week and were able to get on a new medication that effectively stopped her seizures for nearly a week.  Unfortunately, she started seizing again on Saturday.  Laurisa thinks it's a different tumor causing these seizures because they are different than the other seizures in length and severity, but she doesn't know why the medication isn't stopping them.  It's got to be so discouraging to have a glimpse of hope and then have it taken away again.  AND to never truly know what is causing the setbacks.  Please keep praying for them - we are believing that Jesus can heal that sweet baby through and through!
4. School started up again.  My class has 16 boys and 6 girls.  That is a LOT of boys.  I'm still figuring them out, but so far the boys seem sweet and active.  Innocent chaos.  I need to start writing down the things these kids say to me.  They are hysterical.

5. The Husband and I have been learning more and more about being a transracial family.  We're trying to figure out how to not ignore the race/color thing and  yet not make it ALL about the race/color thing.  There's a fine line there.  I emailed Molly (Waverley's mommy) the other day to see if she would share her thoughts with me and, as though she was reading my mind, she put this post up on her blog that same day.  Read it.  It's awesome.  Girl can preach!  Someday soon I'm going to gather my recent thoughts on the whole race thing and write a post, but I'm not ready for that yet.

6. I have the greatest Husband in the world.  Here are just a few things he's done for me recently: given me foot rubs almost every day for the last week, brought me a surprise Dr. Pepper for my first day of school (I NEEDED that baby), gotten up with Lila on the weekends so I can sleep in, drove all 16 hours of our road trip this weekend, followed me around Ikea for over an hour without complaining, told me I was cute even though I hadn't showered in over 18 hours and wasn't wearing any makeup, folded the laundry AND emptied the dishwasher on multiple occasions, wakes up before me every day and works hard at his job so I can stay home with Lila.  The list could go on and on.  He's the greatest.

7. Lila gets scared when I laugh too hard.  She thinks I'm crying.  I laughed a lot this weekend so I started telling her, "Look at Mommy's face.  Mommy is happy!"  So now whenever she's trying to figure out if I'm laughing or crying she says, "Mommy? Happy?"  It's probably the cutest thing ever.

8. We've had two of our four home study interviews so far.  We're hoping to have the home study in the bag by the first of October - that's assuming our fingerprints and references come back on schedule.  Moving right along.  Learning a lot.  Learning how much we don't know!  It's overwhelming and wonderful all at once!

9. Our friends, Aaron and Heather just found out that they will probably have to wait another 2 months to bring their sweet boy home because of a small error in their paperwork and the Ethiopian courts being closed for the rainy season.  They are heartbroken.  Please pray for them and for Arthur (their peanut) that the Lord would bind them together as a family even across the oceans.  Pray for peace in their hearts and protection over Arthur while he is apart from them.

10.  I feel like I should have ten things.  So I'll tell you that Lila is learning to count.  She doesn't so much get the concept of counting as much as she just remembers which words to say after the word I just said.  And those words happen to be numbers.  I'll say "One..." and she'll say, "twoooooo..." and sometimes she'll keep going and say "fweee...fow...fahve...six...eight...nine..."  She always skips seven and always ends at nine.  Sometimes she just likes to skip right to six.  Like I said, she's not actually counting.  Just reciting words that happen to be the names of numbers.  Occasionally in the right order. But you know me, I like to pretend my child is a genius.  I was trying to show her off to my grandma and Grandma said, "Oh, Kelsey.  She doesn't have to count yet."  In other words, "Quit trying to make your child learn more than she's ready for."  I can't help it.  I'm a teacher!

Well, there you go.  A nice little conglomeration of randomness.  Someone just make it October already. September is wearing me down and we're not even halfway through!

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LA said...

I was just wondering tonight if people are still praying...still remembering us. I know that might sound crazy but I feel like the last few weeks have been months- maybe years...they have been LONNNNG. I know i'm getting discouraged...so I assume others are as well and it is tiring pleading with God and seeing very little happen. So thanks for including us in your update. Made me know people are still praying.