Friday, September 30, 2011

need a reminder?

It's really easy to get caught up in a story - especially a tragic story - and have it captivate your thoughts and heart.  It's also easy to forget about people's tragedies once the drama of it wears off.  As someone who has experienced a significant tragedy in my life, I know that it's really lonely three months later, six months later, a year later, five years later.  It's lonely because the grief of the tragedy can hit you just as hard after months or years have passed as it did when your emotions were raw and fresh.  The difference is that everyone else has moved on and it's hard to fight that whisper of "just get over it, already."

On the other hand, as someone who has often been really caught up in someone else's tragedy in the moment and then moved on, I understand that it's easy to do.  You know, your own life just gets distracting.  I know that sometimes I appreciate a little reminder to pray for or be sensitive to someone who is still walking through their life with a significant hole in it.  Someone for whom it's not as easy to forget.  Someone who wishes they could just get over it, already.   I know for me, just having a friend remember the date (or even close to the date) that my cousin died is HUGE for me.  It makes it all feel a little less lonely, a little more bearable.

So, speaking from the perspective of both of those people, I just wanted to remind you guys of a few people I care a lot about who continue to need your prayers.  And maybe remind you to remember the people in your life who might just need, uh, remembering.  This is in no way a guilt trip.   It's just my attempt to honor my friends who are going through more than their fair share of heartbreak.  I'm just here to help you remember.  And I encourage you to make your own list - who do you know who would be blessed by you simply remembering them?

Here's my list:

1. Waverley and her family.  It's been awhile since I've written anything about Wavy, but I keep her picture visible on our blog because I want to remind anyone reading us that the story didn't end last February.  Matt and Molly and Harper still need our prayers - especially as they move into the season of the year that held the most heartbreaking months for them last year.  And Wavy still needs our prayers as she still adjusts to being in a new home with a new dad and no mommy and no sister.  Pray for them, would you?  Ask the Lord to guide your prayers.  He will.  I promise.
This is an old picture - Waverley is three now.
2. Emmaus and her family.  Emmaus continues to have seizures daily and it seems like that may just be her norm - even on the medication she is taking.  This will be a long road for the Ballews. They handle everything so incredibly well, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take a toll on them daily.  We still have hope that the Lord will heal Emmaus through and through.  Join Lila in her prayers that Jesus would make Baby 'Maus "aw-beddah."
um. cuteness.
3. Our friends Aaron and Heather are waiting to hear when they can travel to pick up their son, Arthur.  They got caught in the limbo of the rainy season (courts close in Ethiopia during the months of August-October) because of a small error in their paperwork.  It's been three months since they've seen their boy and they thought they'd be home with him by the beginning of September.  The best way I can imagine how they feel is if I had given birth Lila, held her in my arms and then had to hand her over to the hospital workers for an unknown amount of time before I could come back to bring her home!  I would be a complete basket case!  Pray that the judge fixes the problems with their paperwork and that they get the go-ahead to buy their plane tickets SOON!
This is their first family photo - taken when they met Arthur in June.
4. And of course, our adoption.  We appreciate your prayers, your support, your generosity more than we'll ever be able to convey.  Please keep us and our Ethiopian Small One in your prayers!

Who's on your list?


Molly said...

Humbled and grateful for you. Thanks, Friend.

Holly said...

Praying and praying! The Lord is faithful and will take care of all His children! Love you, my sweet friend! Thanks for the reminders :)

Jessica Blake said...

good one kels. I actually just had a conversation about this very thing with krista cardell. she's one of mine. you're a great friend, an awesome wife and a kick-ass mom. love you littles.

Heather said...

wow!! very humbled to make it on this list next to your other friends. I will be praying for these families. Thank you for sharing in our pain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder kels! Good one! Mommy