Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Cuke Baby!

I've been on the hunt for a black baby doll for Lila to begin prepping her for her future brother or sister.  I was disappointed to find that Target had slim pickin's in the multi-racial toy department.  It's funny the things I notice now that were never on my radar.  I was a bit put-out as I looked around at the sea of white dolls and barbies and pictures of white kids playing on scooters.  Most of the black dolls available were Tiana dolls from the Disney movie, but I was wanting a normal baby doll.  The only one I could find had creepily huge eyes:
But that wasn't really what I was going for.  So I asked Molly if she could point me in the right direction and she advised checking out ToysRUs or  I did a quick online search and there did seem to be more options, but while we were in Minnesota, I thought I'd try Target again in the hopes that a different market might provide more options.  And it did!

So Lila is now the proud owner of her first baby doll, who just happens to look like her Ethiopian brother or sister might look.  And, much to my delight, she is really into that baby.  She loves changing her diaper, putting her shoes on, giving Baby her bink (and occasionally taking a turn on the bink herself since I am weaning her from her own bink), and putting her baby to bed.  We even found Baby her own little lambie, snuggle and "birdie blanket" (Lila's blanket has birds on it so she calls her baby's blanket "birdie blanket," too).
Baby's lambie is a beanie baby, her snuggle is a fleece cloth wipe, and her blanket is a
little blanket Lila's Nanny-Goat gave her when she was little.
And here's MY Baby Girl all ready for her nap:

Lila thinks it's awesome that her baby has a lambie and snuggle just like she does and she gets a kick out of putting her baby to bed before her own nap.  She even tucks her baby in like her daddy tucks her in at night, (and she says, "tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck!" like he does, too) kisses her baby like I kiss her and blows her a kiss as she closes the door.  It's painfully cute.  Or as Lila says, "Oh! Cuke baby!"

My prayer is that Lila will be just as enamored with her baby brother or sister as she is with her baby doll.  I like to imagine us a year or so from now, watching Lila examine her new brother or sister and saying, "Oh! Cuke baby!"


Katy said...

oh my gosh, that is the custest thing, I am so glad you found a baby you were happy with for Lila! It is just adorable!

rachel porter said...

i LOVE this. so cute and so cute that Lila loves it too :)

if you're ever in need of a black baby again (you know what i mean) go local! the Learning Tree in PV has a lot of great options. and if they don't have the variety you want, you can order from them :)

i only know b/c i did a few months back.

Molly said...

I LOVE the matching nap situation. This is such a sweet post, Kels. I love that you are chronicling Lila's sweetness on this journey you all are on. Keep posting Lady! I want to know all of it!