Tuesday, September 20, 2011

toddler conversations

Lila ate a crayon today.  An orange one.  At first I thought she just had strawberry on her face and then I realized she hadn't eaten any strawberries today.  And then I found the gnawed-on crayon on the ground.

Me: Lila! Did you eat the crayon?
Lila: Uh...no?
Me: Let me see your mouth.
Lila: Ahhhh (opening her mouth)
Me: Lila! You did eat this crayon! I see orange crayon in your teeth!
Lila: (looking confused/guilty) Uh...color?
Me: No, you can't color right now.  Look at Mommy.  Don't eat crayons!  They will hurt your tummy.
Lila: Yummy?
Me: No. Not yummy.
Lila: Oh, dee-dah ("dee-dah" is how she says "thank you")
Me: (sighing) Okay, no more coloring.
Lila: (already running out of the room) Lambie!

I think I really got through to her, don't you?


Katy said...

my kid ate crayons all the time! Yeah, I think you got through to her, LOL!!

Becky said...

I used to eat crayons when I was little...I like to say it's the reason I'm so colorful now :-)