Tuesday, September 27, 2011

updates and lila's new game

We had our last home study appointment today - our home visit.  After our cleaning party this weekend (have I mentioned I have the best friends ever?), I still spent all day cleaning up the messes our shedding dog and rambunctious toddler had made since Saturday.  And at 4:30 when Heather, our social worker, knocked on the door, I greeted her with broom and duster still in hand.  Everyone who had been through this part of the home study before told me it was really no big deal...and they were right.  But they also told me that, although they were given the same comforting advice, they also spent the days before scrubbing their house down!  I don't think anyone can just sit still and not clean frantically with so much at stake!

Anyway, Heather did not check that I had cleaned out the spiderwebs from under Lila's dresser (which I had) or that I had reorganized the laundry room cabinets so they could actually close (which I had) or that I had cleaned out the closet in the extra bedroom instead of stowing last minute items in a teetering pile behind the closed door (which I hadn't - good thing she didn't check!).  She did glance in each room and we pointed out smoke detectors and fire extinguishers as we gave her the grand tour of our little house.  And that was that!

Now we are just waiting for my fingerprints to come back from whichever government office is responsible for such things.  Eric's came back already and there was some concern that my fingerprints weren't dark enough so we are really hoping we won't have to redo them and add more time to our wait. Hopefully, they'll be fine and we'll be able to wrap our home study up in the next week or so.  Then it will be on to the final documents of our dossier.  I have yet to fully digest everything in that notebook, but it looks pretty manageable now that we are paperwork experts!

We are still hoping to have our dossier submitted by December so that we can be on the waiting list by the first of the year.  So far, we are on track!  The biggest factors in staying on track are the speed with which certain government offices process our paperwork (we have to get a bunch of stuff certified by the state) and the funds.  We don't have any control over the former and I'm not at all worried about the latter!  I thought I would be losing sleep over the whole money thing, but you guys have been so generous and God has been so faithful I have had no reason to fret!

On that subject, I am so excited to announce that we have hit our second fundraising goal a month ahead of schedule!  Whew!  That feels awesome!  Unfortunately, we can't celebrate for long because our next payment is a doozie!  You may have noticed our new fundraising thermometer to track our progress toward our next goal of $4100 for the dossier fee.  We are well on our way with $1200 already in the bank.  Here's where we are on our fee schedule:

If you'll remember, the $890 was a part of our just-completed second goal of $2500 so we have that money already, but we just haven't had to write the check yet.  Also, we just found out that we may not have to pre-pay the $900 for post-adoption support which would mean that we can put that money toward our dossier fee!  We still have to do some double checking to see if that's the case, but if it is, we would be just $2000 away from our next goal!  Piece of cake!

Okay, enough money talk.  I'll leave you with a little video of Lila.  A little backstory, first off though.  Remember how Baby Ruby (who's really not much of a baby anymore - she's almost a year old!) comes over to play on Fridays?  Well, our little routine is for Lila and I to hole up in our bedroom during Ruby's morning nap because Lila's shrill little voice carries a little too well in our mostly-wood-floored house.  If we're lucky, Ruby's nap is timed perfectly with Sesame Street so I drag Lila's high chair into our room and plop her in her seat with her breakfast in front of the TV (because I'm a good mom, that's why).  Well last time Ruby came over, she took an enviably long nap so Lila and I had to improvise our entertainment after the hour of muppets was up.  Here's what Lila came up with - enjoy:

Don't you love how it ends with Lila announcing that she pooped?  Me too.


Totschies said...

I am not watching the video yet, because Baby Ruby is napping (and I don't feel like I will do it justice without sound). But I wanted to say several things - first of all, she will be a baby until she is 70 in my book. Secondly, you are very good to my child, and I love that she gets to spend time with you and your daughter. Thirdly, I am so excited to see what God is doing in your lives. Fourthly, Ruby has been going around saying "Yi-ya" and "Me-me" which I know could just be random baby noises, but I believe are a direct influence of her time at your house - I am proud.

Jessica Blake said...

that litle video was JUSt what i needed! I love her.
And oh my holy fundraising! I LOVE how faithful Jesus has been! INCREDIBLE! love you littles.

jordanne said...

I am proud of you. I am proud of you. I am proud of you. I am proud of you. I am proud of you.

Pipsylou said...

LOVE your blog! Came over here from Wavy's blog. SO exciting about the adoption...eeek!

Molly said...

Lady! You should be so proud of yourselves!! Flying through your paperwork portion of your adoption, having an insanely clean house to show off, fundraising like a mad woman, writing happy tales for us to read, and offering your lovely life up on a dish for me to shamelessly spy on. Love you, Love Lila, love your family.