Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Four weeks into school and Lila has already had two colds and now some sort of fever-causing bug.  I think we've solved the mystery of her many illnesses last winter.  Turns out (thankfully) it wasn't faulty parenting or a weak immune system.  It's school.  Kids+toys+slobber+germs=sick kiddo.  At least we were healthy all summer so we got a reprieve.

The Husband stayed home with Baby Girl today since I had to teach.  I missed her so much since I usually get to peek in at her during my breaks and I felt so sad when I called to check on them and she was wailing in the background.  A 104° fever makes a kid miserable, I guess.

The only thing that kept her happy today was watching Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.  We've lost count of how many  episodes of each we've watched today.  But the good news is, the Peanut is perking up.  She's dancing to the theme song and just sang, "sooooooo!" to the last word of the phrase, "this is what we call the Mup-pet show!"  It's such a relief when she starts to act like herself after being a sad littles.

Thank God for Jim Henson!
Bort! Bort! Bort!