Thursday, October 27, 2011

New fundraiser coming...

We are still about $2000 away from our next fundraising goal to cover the cost of our dossier fee, so Eric and I have been brainstorming ideas.  As luck  fate  coincidence would have it, an email popped up in our inbox the other day:

What!? How exciting is that!  True to her word, she blogged about us today!  I never thought that mentioning her book in this post would get us mentioned on her blog!  Hopefully it will open us up to a wider market and keep our t-shirt sales moving!  In fact we already had another sale this morning!  What an unexpected gift!

Her email got me blog-rusing (that's perusing blogs for those of you who can't interpret my made-up words) her blog again which eventually led me to our next fundraiser.  We'll announce details early next week so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, we're still cleaning up toddler puke.  Poor Baby Girl.  And poor me, too.  Let's just say that milk is best if you only see it on the way in.  Yucka.

P.S. You know how much we love the Jesus Storybook Bible.  And Haiti holds a special place in our heart as well because our sweet friend Melissa is a medical missionary there and our friends the Moldrups are adopting two kiddos from Haiti as well.  Well there's a quick campaign going over at World Orphans to raise money to send 500 French translation copies to Haiti where they will be used in schools, churches and homes caring for orphans.  The Bibles are usually $10-$20 dollars, but they have a deal with the publisher to sell them for just $4 each so your money goes a long way.  If you want to help, check it out here.


Jessica Blake said...

Kels! That's awesome!! If i didn't already have ALL of the shirts...i'd buy one.

Totschies said...

Yeah for this! And boo for vomit.... hope Lila is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!? The world of blogging is amazing and creepy all at the same time!
Yay for the creativity and generosity of dan saegar! My personal favorite is the pick me tshirt in green.
Love, mommy