Monday, October 24, 2011

no, I not

Lila has this phrase she says when I ask her a question and her answer is a "no" of some sort.  "No, I not." It doesn't always make sense in the context:

Lila, are you picking your nose?  No, I not.
Me: Lila, did you poop?
Lila: No, I not.

Me: Lila, do you want some strawberries?
Lila: No, I not.

Me: Lila, did you eat another crayon?
Lila: No, I not.

Me: Lila, should we get ready for your nap?
Lila: No, I not.

See what I mean?

Speaking of that last example, we've been having nap time battles reminiscent of our little games from last fall.  I really hope this doesn't mean that the Age of Naps has come and gone for the Baby Girl because that would pretty much ruin my life.  I've kind of been living in fear of her dropping her last nap at a young age since she dropped all of her other naps early and, my friends, all the signs are there.

Yesterday was the perfect example.  We started our routine around 1:00 as usual and Lila was in bed by 1:15 or so.  Her usual M.O. is to talk to herself for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes (no joke) until she falls asleep.  Conversations are usually about a song she likes or something about her Lambie.  Sometimes she is recounting a conversation she had with a friend ("No, Josie. No Yi-ya's.") or sometimes it's just incoherent babble.

So, after an hour of this yesterday, I was starting to get a little bit fed up.  She was all hyper and squawking and I was grumbling and growling "Go. to. sleep!" under my breath.  So Eric finally turned off the monitor.  His logic was: if she's not going to sleep, I might as well not torture myself with the not-very-sleepy-sounding-at-all sounds of her delighted chatter.  Smart husband.  And I was at peace for about 15 minutes, until I decided to turn the monitor back on and see if she had perhaps miraculously dozed off during our radio silence.

No such luck.  In fact, she was now meow-ing.  Grrrrrrrr.  And while we're on animals, to make matters worse, I turned around to see the dog (who happened to still be drying off from her bath earlier) lying on my pillow smooshing all of her wet dog smell into the place where I rest my head (with my nose attached to it, I might add).  Let's do the math, shall we?

1 Baby Girl X 1.5 hours into her nap protest + 1 smelly wet dog lying on my pillow = don't mess with me

So you can only imagine what my reaction was.

I told that dog to get her "wet ass off my pillow."

Ok, so maybe I overreacted.  But, do I feel bad for cussing?

No, I not.

(ass hardly counts as a cuss word, anyway)


annaelyse said...

oh my. this is perfect. and its giving me the giggles at 6:15AM which is a welcome change to the start of most of my work days.

Jessica Blake said...

i laughed out loud, like a lot, reading this one.
i love that little peanut.
and yi-ya's mommy too.

LA said...

even if she doesn't sleep...keep up your mommy sanity hour. who cares if she is awake or asleep...shes contained. you need that time to rest from lila so you can continue to be a stellar mommy after her rest time. now notice i typed this with no caps...cause i have a baby sleeping on my other arm.=)

Totschies said...

Really enjoyed reading this, although I am sorry for your sake if nap time is a thing of the past! Thank goodness for its good friend "rest time", don't we all need that?:)

Sarah B said...

she is precious! hope shes feeling better! (based on later posts!)