Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No no no no no....

At 3:30 this morning an all too familiar alarm went off in our house. It wasn't my phone barking at me to get up for work three hours early by mistake. It was a sad and desperate cough, followed by an even sadder and more desperate retch over the monitor and a cry from Lila's room. Kelsey, being a far lighter sleeper than I, made the first leap out of bed and it wasn't until she was holding Lila over the toilet that I offered my first dazed and completely unhelpful response, "did she throw up?" Some times I'm sharper than others.

So after Kelsey cleaned her up and I changed her sheets, and we had reluctantly hoped that it was all caused by an isolated and particularly tenacious cough, we put Lila back to bed only to be back up every fifteen minutes over the next three hours doing the same thing. Since Kelsey teaches Wednesdays (which seems to be the day Lila's body decides to not like itself) I took the day off and she eventually made the wise decision to sleep on the couch while I alternated between cuddling Lila on our bed and running to the bathroom every time she made a gurgling sound. Finally by 7:30 baby girl had slowed the pace down to only erupting once an hour, and seemed to be happy in between episodes. She even slept for about fifty minutes until her usual wake up time of 8:30. And true to form she wanted a pancake when she woke up.

So my morning looked like this- Lila sitting on my lap eating her pancake, then lying in the middle of the floor, then on my lap, then off, while we watched the following celebrity guests on The Muppet Show: Helen Reddy, Raquel Welch, Jean Stapleton, Leslie Ann Warren, Liberace, Pearl Bailey, Gilda Radner and Sylvester Stallone. Yeah, that's a lot of Muppet Show, but routine changes when kids throw up all morning. While Lila was into a marathon of her favorite show, I answered work emails and tried to keep things at the office relatively under control in my absence. Then I saw a blur of pink pajamas and blonde hair run out of our room and heard the familiar pat pat pat of tiny feet on hardwoods. And, "Daddy! Freezer!" I followed my sweet on-the-mend daughter into her play room and to the little wooden kitchen that my dad built. Again she said, "freezer!" It's worth noting that Lila's context for the purpose of a freezer is to quickly cool her pancakes enough to eat when they're right out of the pan. Naturally, I took her cue and opened up the toy refrigerator. And found this:

She was cooling the remaining uneaten half of her pancake, as well as a pot and her left Chuck Taylor. I guess they were all too hot.

After a lunch of crackers and applesauce and peaches (and it's a miracle she conceded to eat any of it) I changed her diaper and asked her if she wanted to rock before her nap. She said definitively, "No. Bed." And she hasn't made a sound since I put her in it. I know I'm prone to jinxing myself in these matters, but let's hope it was just a quick attack on her little tummy and we're in the clear. Because who wants a sad little girl when you can have this:


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LA said...

Eric You are such a good daddy! And a good blogger too! Poor lila! Praying for her immune system to beef up so she doesn't have a winter full of sickness.