Wednesday, November 9, 2011

five and five

Five things I'm happy about today:

1. Lila took a nap at school today! Lila took a nap at school today!  What? You're not jumping up and down and peeing your pants in excitement?  Well I was, because that girl is a stinker I tell you and she usually refuses to nap anywhere other than her own cozy bed with the perfect balance of white noise and light filtration.  I usually line someone up to take nap duty on Wednesdays - they pick LJ up from school and bring her home for her nap.  Well, the last few weeks I couldn't find anyone to do it so we had to give it a go at school.  I figured worst possibility was she'd be wiped out when we got home and she'd take a quickie nap around 3:30.  In fact, I bet Eric $1000 she wouldn't nap at school.  But what do you know, she went down without a peep!  And slept for nearly 2 hours!  Maybe it's because she kept me up all night coughing (the nerve).  Poor kiddo.  Yup, she's sick again with the mother of all snotty noses and an ear infection to boot.  Seriously, I've sucked puddles of green goop out of that kid's nose and she still manages to produce snot bubbles every ten minutes.  It's gross.  I'll try to snap a picture for ya.  I know you're dying to see it. But anyway, back to the celebrating - she took a nap at school! A-wahoo!

2. We are only $1000 away from our next fundraising goal!  That means if we sell 125ish more tickets to our raffle, we not only will have met our goal, but we'll also have sold enough tickets to add a second doll to the giveaway!  I'm almost more excited about the giveaway than I am about meeting our goal - I mean, I get to make someone (or maybe two someones) really happy who in turn gets to make their daughter or niece or granddaughter or next door neighbor really happy!  What fun!

3. A parent of one of my students left me a Chick-fil-a gift card as an anonymous gift last week!  AND I've had the willpower to not spend it frivolously.  I'm saving it for this weekend when the Husband goes on his annual Man Trip with his dad and brothers (aka, hunting, eating steak and punching each other).  Fried chicken sandwich, a big Dr. Pepper, and a play place for Lila, here I come!

4. The way Lila runs to me when I pick her up in the nursery after school: "Mommy!" with arms wide open and snot running down her lips.  We'll just ignore that last part and bask in the small bits of that idealistic dream every pregnant mama dreams about her future children.  You know, the dream about her children always being thrilled to see her and showering her with affectionate hugs and kisses.  Never in that dream do those kisses come with a desire to immediate wipe oneself down with Clorox wipes, but alas, I'll take what I can get.  Snot-drenched or not, it's still awesome to be greeted like that.

5. Lila says hilarious things.  The other day, I was standing up on our bed killing a spider and she scolded me, "Mommy!  Get back here! Sit down!"  Apparently she was appalled that I would break the rule that I so incessantly drill into her head: No standing on the furniture.  Today I asked her if she wanted to go play in her playroom and she said, "No dank you, Mommy.  Go ahead."  And finally, she has picked up on some language nuances of mine and it's so hysterical to hear her say them.  Whenever she coughs, I ask her, "Are you okay?" because she often sounds like she's choking.  So she started asking me if I was okay whenever I cough.  To which I usually respond, "Yeah, I'm okay.  Thank you, Baby."  So now, it goes like this:

Lila: cough, cough, hack, cough, cough
Me: Lila, are you okay?
Lila: (in the sweetest little voice you ever did hear) Yeah, I okay, dank you Mommy.

It's so adorable, it hurts me.

Five things I'm sad about today:

1. As I mentioned earlier, Lila has a cold and an ear infection.  Yes, she's sick AGAIN.  (If you're keeping count, that's four colds, two flus and an ear infection since September.)  And even though I know they're trying to be helpful, sometimes other moms make me feel like a bad mom when they start asking me whether I've tried this (hippie remedy) or whether I do that (random rain dance/good luck charm).  I should remember how this makes me feel the next time I try to give a fellow mom "helpful" advice.  Unless I ask you what ideas you have, I mostly just want you to say, "Man, that sucks.  I'm sure you're doing everything you can."

2. Someone in our house got a speeding ticket today.  And I really want to be mad at him, but he's so mad at himself that I just feel bad for him.  In fact, he voluntarily grounded himself from his hunting weekend as punishment (and because, frankly, we can't afford $140 ticket on top of luxuries like hunting licenses and giant steak dinners).  But still, $140!  It just feels like a punch in the gut.  P.S. Good news, though, Eric's dad is generously paying Eric's way this weekend because he wants time with ALL his boys. :)

3. Our house is a mess again.  That's what happens when your kid is sick all the time.  My time is divided between equal parts wiping a snotty nose, cleaning up puke, changing poopy diapers and chasing a weirdly-energetic-for-being-sick-all-the-time toddler around the house.  So our house is a mess and it makes me sad because it was once and very briefly so sparkly and shiny.  It looked like a holiday. (name that movie!*)

4. My favorite jeans ripped.  I mean RIPPED.  As in, my whole butt cheek was hanging out at church after I bent down to pick up a sippy cup and heard a loud RIIIIPPPP.  And by favorite jeans, I mean "the only pair of skinny jeans I own which I bought for $20 at Target because I am always so late picking up on the fashion trends that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that would surely be out of style in a year or two but then I wore them every day and thus wore out their $20-quality material" jeans.  It was a sad day.  And so I had to settle for Jeggings as a replacement because they were the cheapest option at Target and I really don't NEED another pair of jeans.  I have plenty of non-skinny jeans.  But it's not the same.  I need pockets and zipper.

5. It's cold.  Don't like.

Okay, and just so I don't end on a low note, here's a little trick or treat for ya.  Lila the Peacock:
As kids, all of our cousins and Little Sister and I would always end our trick-or-treating at our grandparents' house.
The tradition was to have us all lined up on the fireplace to take a picture of us in our Halloween getup, so of course, we had to do the same for Lila.

Here's a back view of the AWESOME peacock tutu that Holly made for Lila.  It's so darling!  I kind of want to make her be a peacock next year, too because it's so sweet!
Hope your Happy List is outweighing your Sad List these days!

* "Very sparkly, very shiny.  Looks like a holiday." - Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man


Katy said...

OH Kelsey, that was a sad and funny post at the same time. I pray lila gets better soon. I am so happy she crashed at school, that is huge for you. My happy list is finally out weighing my sad list this week. Love ya

Totschies said...

I love your lists - well done. Joy in the midst of goopiness, sounds like a great perspective to me:) Great job loving your little one (and your husband), my friend

Sarah B said...

positive thoughts to you! i'm sure you are doing everything you can for her! :) enjoy your chicken sandwich and dr. pepper! also, ps. the peacock is AWESOME!!!!