Monday, November 14, 2011

It's that time of year again!

Maybe for most of you it's the time of year when you bring out the holiday decorations, start shopping for Christmas gifts, rake your leaves on a daily basis because they just keep coming, or start making gratitude lists.  But for me (us) this time of year is punctuated by my obsession with planning Lila's birthday party.  (In one month, my baby will be TWO! What?! That can't be.  *sigh*)

As I mentioned last year, I am determined to not allow my daughter's close-to-Christmas birthday to be overshadowed by the holiday.  I LOVE birthdays.  Love them.  Especially my own.  But Lila's is almost more fun for me than my own.  And her first birthday party was awesome.  I joked that it was really more for me than for Lila.  And it was.  I mean, she won't remember it anyway.  First birthdays are really more about celebrating the fact that we, as parents, made it through year one.  And for that matter, second birthdays are kind of the same - just maybe the percentages eek a little more toward her side as far as for whom the party is thrown.  It's like 70/30, me/Lila this year.

Last year, we had a little birdie theme for her birthday party and I went a little bit crazy.  Evidently I was desperate for a creative outlet.  And I'm a sentimental fool who loves traditions so of course, I had to implement a few traditions for celebrating Lila's birthday.  Ornaments for party favors, little notes for people to write down favorite memories or things that characterize Lila for that year, etc.

I made these:
And these:
little notes for the birthday girl
And these:
brownie bite toppers (did NOT make the brownie bites themselves. thank you, Costco)
 And these:
party favors: birdie ornaments
And this:

And this:
happy birthday banner

The ornaments were definitely the most time consuming and Eric had to endure finding bits of felt in our bed every night and the all-too-frequent out loud wondering, "Where did I put my needle?"  In fact,  despite our no-Christmas-presents-for-one-another rule, he splurged and bought me a pin cushion for my stocking.  Perhaps it was more of a gift for himself to avoid the whole needle in the haystack bedsheets dilemma.

So since the ornament party favors are simultaneously my favorite birthday tradition and the most time consuming project, I'm already getting started on this year's ornament.  Here's a peek:

pardon the poor quality iphone picture

Can you guess what this year's theme is?  One of Lila's favorite things these days: butterflies!  Oooh...I'm excited!  And Lila is, too.  Or at least she thinks she is.  I keep asking her if she wants a butterfly birthday party and she says, "Yes!" with great enthusiasm even though she has no idea what a birthday party is.  I think she just senses my excitement and wants to be on board.

Okay, back to work.  Those butterflies won't make themselves.  Now...where did I put my needle?

P.S. All photos (except for my crappy iphone pic) were taken by the awesome and sweet Jewel Anderson.  Check her out here.

* I made the invitations using a photo I found doing a google image search for bird drawing or something like that and then doctoring the picture a bit in photoshop.  I feel bad that I can't give the artist credit, but I tried to find it again and it got lost in cyberspace, I guess.


annaelyse said...

perfect kels! and i promise not to get sick this year so i can come celebrate little lila jo. i can't bear to miss out on the cuteness two years in a row!!!

Katy said...

I loved your theme last year and we were very honored to be there with you. We are doing Super Mario theme this year for the five year old...

LA said...

I can't tell you how blessed we are by your sweet little girl. The words out of her mouth I treasure in my heart. Her sweet little prayer is my favorite memory of lila this year. "Dear Jesus, Baby Mayus, all better" That makes my heart happy and I know makes our fathers heart happy too. It is a simple prayer with no agenda that I know Jesus hears her loud and clear.
Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Anonymous said...

Really cute kels. You have done it again. Let the creative juices flow! Love , mommy

Holly said...

I can't wait! Can I still call her baby Lila even though she's turning two??? Love love love your butterflies :) What exciting times you've had these past two years!

Anonymous said...

I love the new ornaments, Kelsey! Can't wait for the party this year. There is just something about that little Lila that makes me melt. . . also, thanks for the "shout out." : )

Anonymous said...

I love the new ornaments, Kelsey! Can't wait for the party this year. There is just something about that little Lila that makes me melt. . . also, thanks for the "shout out." : )