Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not cool, Zeus. Not cool.

I've had the hiccups for the last hour.  I'm not exaggerating.  I blame Lila because she had hiccups earlier today I think I caught them from her.  Hiccups are contagious, right?  No?  Well then aren't we cute that we both had hiccups today?

For real, though my stomach kinda hurts now from all the hiccuping.  I've tried holding my breath, drinking water upside down, concentrating on hiccuping, concentrating on not hiccuping, holding my breath some more, drinking water right-side up.  No good.  So as a last resort I just said out loud, "Not cool, Hiccups.  Not cool.  Now I'm going to blog about you."  Eric's response was, "That'll show 'em."  We'll just have to see, won't we?  If my hiccups are gone by the time this post is done, then I am a genius.

I just have a few random things to share with you tonight.

Firstly, we have a week left of our American Girl Raffle and we have only sold 47 tickets.  Which means several things:

1. We are still about $700 away from our next goal Update, 11/25: since I originally posted this, we have surpassed our goal thanks to some very generous friends!  Hooray! All additional donations will help fund our referral fee! (I'll explain what that is in a later post)  Thank you, friends! We are overwhelmed!
2. I don't have enough friends with 5-10 year old girls
3. Your odds of winning if you bought a ticket are VERY good - 1 in 47 in fact!  And if you bought three tickets, your odds are even better (except that math is harder to do, so you figure it out).

Raffle closes at midnight on November 30th so hurry your little self up and buy a ticket or three - we've got good odds! Just click that little 'ole button on the right there and Paypal it up for a good cause.

B of all, I have been praying for our family's immune systems this week because last year at Thanksgiving, a nasty and very contagious flu took out all but three or four people over the course of about 48 hours.  It was NOT pretty, my friends.  Eric and I took turns passing Lila back and forth as we alternately ran to the bathroom to throw up and held her over the toilet while she threw up.  I think it should be a law of nature that parents cannot get sick when children are sick.  So, get to work on that, Isaac Newton.

Third, we received news from Immigration that our paperwork is being processed and we have been given an appointment to have our fingerprints taken on December 9th.  It feels amazing to be checking the last few things off our lists!  Here's what we have left:

In case you can't read it (every time I tried to snap that picture, I hiccuped so it's kind of blurry), here's the list:
  • Collect remaining reference letters
  • Take a casual and "semi-formal" photo of ourselves (we may just have to get dressed up specifically for this photo as we don't really have a reason to get dressed up in real life)
  • Get passport photos taken
  • Wait for my birth certificate to be mailed to us
  • Fill out financial statement
  • Get fingerprints taken for Immigration
I can't believe the list is this short! Wahoo!

Finally, Lila would like to say a few words to end this post:

P.S. I still have the hiccups.  Boo.


Jessica Blake said...

go ahead mommy?? she's a genius.
and you're a good mommy.

Kyle and Danae Johnson said...

Hey there! I hope you guys are doing well! :) Just wanted to let you know that if you guys wanted to get your fingerprints done before your appointment, they will allow you to do that. :) We went 2 weeks before our appointment and got us right in.

Anonymous said...

oh my gatos. i just can't get enough of her. i want one, ya know a little girl! bah. . .

also, thank you so much for posting a link to my blog. i appreciate that. and i loved photographing lila's 1st birthday party! can't wait for her 2nd! i love the new ornament idea.

Anonymous said...

i'm going crazy. i already said i liked the ornaments on the that blog post. i'm loosing it. . . but I DID not say how freaking awesome the BEAR onesie is!! WHAAA??? Julie and I were looking at it together and I asked if they made adult size ones. I'm obsessed with bears.

Katy said...

So, adorable. She is really talking now! Can't believe she will be 2 very soon!