Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Only 2 days left!

Today, we are celebrating!  We are celebrating with our friends Aaron and Heather who are, as I type, on a plane to Ethiopia to pick up their son, Arthur!  After months of hiccups and unknowns and delays and stress and anxiety, they received an email yesterday morning that told them they had received clearance from the Embassy and they could come get Arthur!  They booked a flight for today and will be picking him up on his first birthday! Can you believe it!?  (If you remember, Arthur's birthday has been a significant and meaningful part of their story.) I talked with Heather last night and she was surprisingly calm.  Keep them in your prayers these next few days as they travel and transition home with Arthur.  There's an awesome post here about how to care for families who have just brought their adoptive children home. (You better believe I'll be linking to that post again when we're getting ready to bring our babe home!)  Praise the Lord for his PERFECT timing.

We are also celebrating some movement in our own adoption process!  Our American Girl Doll raffle has been a success and we have sold 95 tickets as of this very minute.  We initially said that we would add a second doll to the giveaway if we sold 150 tickets, but we've decided that if we sell five more tickets to get us to an even hundred we will add a second doll!

We want to do this in celebration of God's faithfulness in providing for us to meet our most recent goal - and then some!  A majority of the $2000 we needed when we launched our raffle came from generous friends who chose to support our general adoption fund, rather than contribute to the raffle.  So even though we didn't sell the amount of tickets I was hoping for, the Lord provided in other ways.  I'll admit, adding a second doll is a little selfish on my part because I love giving gifts so the thought of making two little girls (and their mommies!) so happy was a big motivator here!  Plus as I saw each donation come in, I would think, "Oh I love them!  I hope they win!"  This way I'll get my wish for two of you, at least!

Here's what's so exciting to us about surpassing our $4100 goal: all donations now go to fund our REFERRAL FEE.  The fact that we're starting to fund our referral fee is huge to us for two reasons:

  1. The referral fee is the biggest fee yet - somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,000 to $9,000.  We'll have nearly a year (in theory) to raise/save this money, but it's still a daunting number!  Which is why it feels so good to already be adding drops in that bucket.
  2. The fact that we're now saving for our referral fee means that the next step of the process is our REFERRAL!  And our referral means that we will know who our son or daughter is!  I can't believe we are ready for that step!  It makes me positively giddy! (Thus, all the exclamation marks!!!)

I promise that another post is coming with details explaining our next steps and what a "referral" even means, but I didn't want to bog down this post with that stuff.

So, five more tickets to go!  The raffle closes at midnight (CST) on Wednesday November 30.  We will use Random.org to choose the winner(s) and announce the winner(s) here on December 1st!  Just click that little "Donate" button underneath the picture of the American Girl Doll. Here----------------->>


LA said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited about your generous donation and your huge strides in your fundraising goals. I can't wait to hear about your babe! And I was just thinking about arthur and praying for them literally 10 minutes ago. I am so happy they will have him home soon!

Totschies said...

Yeah! Makes me so happy to read your story, thinking about all God has done this year in the Kautzi family and all He is going to do - Jesus in the family, happy, happy home!

Holly said...

All this makes me SOOOO happy! I'm thrilled for Heather and Aaron and their baby boy :) and so thankful that you guys are getting so much closer to meeting your own little one! Loves :)