Sunday, December 11, 2011


I had a few adventures last Tuesday.  The first of which was a visit to the American Girl Store with the families who won our raffle.  It was such a treat to get to be there when the girls picked out their dolls.  Most of our tickets were purchased by families who attend the school where I teach, so it didn't surprise me that both winners were former students of mine!  But what was a fun surprise was that the two families who won have daughters in the same class who are best buds!  Stella and Elena were in my class last year and they are just the sweetest girls.  Both girls were so excited, and both made the comment that they were even more excited that the other one won.  I'm telling you - these are sweet girls!

Lila and I had a blast helping them pick out their dolls at the store.

From left, Sophie, Stella, Lila, Elena, Natalie and Lydia.
Sophie and Stella picked Josefina and Natalie and Elena picked Rebecca.
 Then the girls and their moms invited us to join them for lunch to celebrate their dolls and Natalie's birthday!
Lila's looking a bit disheveled, no?
Right from lunch, I dropped Lila off at my parents' house for her nap so I could go to the airport to help Aaron and Heather welcome Arthur home!  Here's where the real adventure began.  

Initially their flight was supposed to get in at 4:30, but they changed flights and were now coming in around 2:00.  I called Eric around 1:30 to have him check their flight status because I didn't want to get there too early and have to pay for parking.  However, he soon informed me that I had the opposite problem.  Their flight was early - estimated to arrive at 1:37! Ack!  

I nearly didn't go.  I pulled into my parents' driveway at 1:40 and told my mom I thought I would miss them if I went.  She convinced me it was worth trying to get there so I got in my car and prayed I would make it in time.  

**Dad, don't read this next paragraph.  I usually don't speed or text while driving.  Extenuating circumstances.  No need to scold me, k?**

It took all my willpower to not speed recklessly.  Meaning, I did speed.  Just not excessively.  When I saw the sign that said 3 miles to KCI, I texted Heather, "I'm coming!  Hope I don't miss you!" A few minutes later, as I took the airport exit, she texted, "Oh no! We're just leaving!" I called her:

Me: What do you mean you're leaving?  You're leaving the airport or you're in your car already?
Heather: We're just pulling out of the parking garage.
Me: Ahhhhh! No! I'm here! I'm here!  I'm passing the terminal signs!
Heather: We could pull around...
Me: feeling very selfish and thinking to myself, "Yes! Please!" 
Heather: Okay, we're pulling back around to Terminal A - we'll pull over.
Me: Oh! I see you! I'm pulling up behind you!

The next few minutes were some of my more tearfully hyper moments.  I gushed over that perfect boy and resisted the urge to stroke his sweet chubby cheeks.  I blathered on about how thankful I was that they waited for me and how sweet their boy was.  Arthur just blinked up at me with those big brown eyes and with each bat of those eyelashes I saw bits of my future flutter through my imagination.  Then I got back in my car and drove back to my parents' house, giddy as a school girl.  

Mere seconds would have told a different story.  I might have missed them entirely and then I would have driven back to my parents' in a disappointed funk.  

All this has, of course, made me daydream about the day when we bring our baby home.  The chaos and delirium of an airport welcome after a 20 hour flight.  The excitement of introducing our son or daughter to all the people we love mixed with the sheer terror of transitioning an overwhelmed infant to a new life.  But the bottom line is, I can't WAIT until one of you is making poor driving decisions on your way to nearly miss us at the airport!  I! CAN'T! WAIT!!

P.S. We had our fingerprints taken on Friday!  We're now waiting for the final approval from the FBI before we can submit our dossier and be placed on the waiting list! We're so close!!


Molly said...

Well that sounds like the best day in the world! I can't wait for the post when you tell everyone that you have your own airport homecoming scheduled. Love you, Lady!

Katy said...

so awesome! I can't wait to see your new little one. I will come over as soon as you think I can! Can't wait to see you Saturday night!