Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmasing our House

Well, the Husband - aka, the "Tree Whisperer" - has done it again.  He found us the perfect tree.  It's so hilarious to see that silly smirk come over his bearded face when he's found "the One."  He's really nice and humors me when I suggest other options, but we always end up with the one that "spoke" to him.  I'm okay with that because the man has a gift.

We bundled Lila up again this year to cut down, er, pick out our tree at Home Depot.

She was just as baffled this year as last by Daddy's shenanigans in tying the tree to the roof of our car.  She kept saying, "Uh-oh, Mommy!  Tree!  Uh-oh!"

She's pointing to the top of the tree she could see through the sunroof.
And then she was equally as bemused when Eric brought the tree in the house.  I guess it would seem weird to a kid who is used to trees rooted firmly in the ground outside.  But once we brought the lights out she was transfixed.  

She "helped" Daddy put lights on the tree.

She "helped" us hang some ornaments - although not before we made the mistake of handing her one of her many "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments and saying, "Here, Lila you can hang your ornament," and then trying force her to relinquish it to it's spot on the tree.  The child was not thrilled about the prospect of handing over anything that had previously been described as "hers."

I snuck it on there when she soon got distracted and starting "cleaning" the lamp with her Snuggle.  She's weirdly into cleaning for being my daughter.  I call her Cinderella.

 Once she tired of her cleaning, she found something else to do.

 Meanwhile, the Husband and I plugged away on the tree (well, I stopped intermittently to document Lila's activities).  And when we were mostly done, we of course we gave her the honor of putting the star up on the top.

By the time we were done it was past her bedtime and she was pretty zoned out.
And now every day we have our very own lighting celebration when she runs out of her room in the morning and says, "Lights on!" and we count to three and then plug them in.  Every day it's the same ridiculously excited response: "YAY!!!" (at the top of her lungs) "Yights!"  Ahh, the simple joys of being two.

I'm pretty excited about Christmas this year because I think the magic will begin for Lila from now on.  She's really into playing with a little nativity scene which I strategically placed on the bottom shelf of our built-ins.  She calls it "Baby Jesus and those guys."  And she puts them to bed every night.  However, it often looks like some sort of twisted Nativity Massacre.  The bink is her signature.  They call her the Bink Bandit.  Okay...I've now taken this creepy digression too far.

Anyway, back to how we've been Christmasing our home.  In lieu of our usuals (I Will, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, You are My Sunshine, Goodnight My Someone, etc) we've been singing Christmas songs before bed - Lila's favorite is Sara Groves' version of Angels We Have Heard on High which she calls "Gloria Song," and Sufjan's version of Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella which she calls, "Hush, hush song."  The other day she was walking around the house saying, "Deo! Deo! Deo! Gloria! Gloria! Deo!"  I tried to get a video, but for being such a show off, that kid is hard to capture on film.  I think because she can't get through a line of a song without interjecting, "My do! Pictures!" Which means, "I'd rather look at the pictures on the camera than recreate that adorable scene for you to document, Mom."

I did manage to capture this though:

You're welcome, Mom and Little Sister.  I know you're the only ones who watch these videos in their entirety besides us.

More to come soon - including the stories of a few adventures I had on Tuesday. But for now I'm busy tending to my almost two-year-old Baby Girl who has yet another cold.  All orifices are streaming and her cheeks are rosy red.  She cries when I wipe her nose because it's already so raw and her hair was plastered to her cheeks with snot this morning.  It's so sad.  And gross.  *sigh*


Katy said...

Oh my goodness, that was soooo cute! What a big girl counting! I am so proud of her!! Yes, I watched the whole video! I wanted to see the end of the book too!!LOL!!

Sam-I-Am said...

Kels, I watch all the videos in full...mostly because little Lila is possibly one of the cutest geniuses in the world. :) Counting to twenty at nearly 2! Oh and because it is fun to laugh out loud at my desk all by myself.

jordanne said...

I watch your videos in full. ALWAYS.

jensen said...

The picture of Lila's with her booty in the air as she hangs over the ball = young Nancy. At least, that's what came to my mind.

Jessica Blake said...

i laughed out loud so hard for so long at the ball sequence pictures!
and you better believe i've watched that video in it's entirety. twice. ok three times.

fine 5.

Anonymous said...

This is a heart melter! Yes, I watch the videos in full, in the am and in the evening and sometimes in between. You captured your Christmas tree night perfectly!
Love, nanny