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Ahhh, Presents!

In my head I said that title the way Tina Fey says one of the lines in the Bossypants audiobook: "Ahh Babies!"  It's only funny if you can hear it.  Which you can't.  Because I can't figure out how to put the sound byte on here.  Or, I'm too lazy to figure out how to do it.

Before I get into an overview of our birthday/Christmas/New Year celebrations, I thought I'd write out a post about Lila's favorite gifts.  There are eleven days in between Lila's birthday and the 26th (when we celebrated Christmas with my family) and I'm pretty sure Lila is under the impression that those are now called the Eleven Days of Lila.  In fact, I think it's a distinct possibility that she believes she is now entitled to a present a day because the gifts are still trickling in from sweet out of town relatives and friends who missed her party.  I swear she gets up in the morning and holds out her hands and says, "Present please."  Okay maybe not, but it wouldn't surprise me.  Needless to say, we've got some figuring to do so that we don't end up raising an ungrateful little booger. of right now, her favorite presents are:

I may have played with this for 20 minutes after Lila went to bed.
Doggie Guitar.  She picked this out with her birthday money with only a little prodding from the parental units.  And by prodding I mostly mean steering her away from the more obnoxious toys with loud noises and flashing buttons.  My favorite part of this toy is that it has three settings: acoustic, electric and howl.  Lila likes the howl one, but she's scared of the howling on the song that is played when you use the whammy bar bone.  However, like many other things she's scared of, she seems to think that immersion therapy is best and just keeps pushing the bar over and over.  Her reaction is one of two: 1) wailing, "Mommmyyyy!!!" and running to me or 2) saying, "Doggie noise - it not scary," to herself with shaky confidence.

Picnic Basket.  This one was a gift from Aunt Mackenzie and Uncle Scottie.  It talks to her and tells her to find the orange circle or the purple cup.  If she leaves it alone for too long it will try to get her to play with it again by asking her to find the pie shaped like a triangle or something like that.  The hilarious thing is that she often doesn't hear/comprehend what the basket is saying so she turns to it and says, "What? What Basket?"  To make matters worse, I sometimes catch myself translating for her: "Basket said, 'Can you find the brown triangle?'"  I'm sure she thinks there's a tiny person living inside her picnic basket.  Which might explain why she guards that thing with her life and yells, "MIIIIINNNNNE!" whenever anyone goes near it.  Or maybe she just does that because she's two.

I think she's contemplating retaliation for all the unflattering pictures I've put of her on this blog.
Her computer.  This gift was chosen by Lila's buddy, Emri who assured her mom in the store that, "Lila wants this."  When I told Kerri that Lila was obsessed with her new computer (so much so that she refused to open any other gifts once she discovered the computer), Kerri responded, "Emri knows best."  It's a LeapFrog computer and I credit it with Lila's new skill of naming every letter and most of their sounds. "A says ahh."  You can even personalize it by entering in your child's name.  So now when she pushes the "L" button, it says, "L! That's the first letter in your name, Lila!" There's a setting for animals starting with each letter, too and a little animated version of the animal appears on the screen.  Of course, there is one that she's scared of.  "What animal has a long neck? V! Vulture!" and then it makes this sort of creepy wah-wa-wa-wah-wa-wa-waaaaaah sound.  And of course, she's also chosen immersion therapy for this fear.  Or rather the Husband forced it on her because he thought she was saying she wanted to see the vulture and was completely befuddled when she flopped down on her floor in hysterics when he left her in her room by herself.  Enter, mommy who, because I log more hours talking Toddler-speak, was able to translate what sounded like "see vulture" as "scary vulture"  Don't worry, she's not scarred for life.  We told her she didn't need to be afraid - a vulture is just a "big birdie."  So now she pushes the V button and assures herself in a shaky voice, "Just big birdie."

Are we noticing a trend here?  All of her favorite toys are plastic electronic things that make weird noises and only pass as tolerable because they are somewhat educational.  Just for giggles, wanna know what Mommy's favorite of her presents were?

Lila says, "Aren't I cute in my skinny jeans?  Oh, and GO CATS!" (That tee was also a birthday gift - thanks, Anna!)
Lila's skinny jeans. Of which she got two pairs!  One was from my cousin, Laura (whom Lila adorably calls "Laurla"), one was from my Grandma who asked my mom to ask me what I really want for Lila, but wouldn't buy myself.  I tried to think of something that would fit that description and also be fun for Grandma to give her, but I just couldn't think of anything that fit the "I want but wouldn't buy" category more than skinny jeans!  When my Grandma showed my Pop what they were getting Lila for her birthday he asked, fairly, "Where's the top?" Thanks Grandma and Pop for being generous to us even if you don't get what "skinny jeans" are and why my toddler needs them. :)
(P.S. Hi Grandma! Hi Pop!  I hope you are enjoying reading our blog on your new IPad!  I'm so proud of you for learning something new - I'm sure it's intimidating! Now, everyone on the Internet, say "Hi" to Grandma and Pop, the cutest new additions to the world wide web!  All together now, "HI GRANDMA! HI POP!")

Lila's Ethiopian Dolly. My awesome friend, Joyele MADE this for her.  MADE it!  With her own two hands!  (Okay, probably with a sewing machine, too.)  And isn't it perfect??  I love it love it love it!  In fact, I often suggest to Lila, "Don't you want to bring your Dolly with you to church/the store/a friend's house?" because I want to show it off.  To which she replies, "Yes!"  Not really.  She replies, "No. Doggie guitar," and then I sneak it in the car anyway so I can show it off.

Laurisa also gave her a little rolling pin, but...we...lost it already.  I'm sure it rolled under something in the playroom.
Lila's sugar cookies.  My other awesome friend, Laurisa made these for Lila.  Is this not the CUTEST THING!?!?  She can roll out the dough, (by the way, I just spelled "dough," doe, do, and doh before I remembered how to actually spell it.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I teach 6 year olds how to spell.  Rest assured, the literacy of future generations is resting in these capable hands.) cut the cookies, ice them and bake them in her little kitchen!  Or rather, I can.  Which I do.  By myself.  Quite often.  While Lila assures herself, "Doggie noise - it not scary."

Yes, I have very creative and talented friends.  I like to think that their creativity will rub off on me eventually.  So far...not so much.  In the meantime, I'll just play with all the things they make my kid.

Well, that's the run-down.  The moral of the story is, if you're looking for a gift that a two-year-old would love, go with something that talks with flashy buttons.  On the other hand, if you're looking for a gift that a two-year-old's mommy would play with, go stylish (skinny jeans) or hand-made.

Coming soon...a Christmas update - better late than never.

P.S. I feel like I should mention - on behalf of those of you who got Lila gifts that didn't make either Top 3 list - that she really did love each gift she got.  Truly.  She is so blessed to have so many people who love her so much.  Me, too.

Also, a tip for those of you with peanuts born close to Christmas, I usually put away some of her gifts to bring out in the summer so she has new things to play with throughout the year.  It's just a small way to help with the over-abundance of toys this time of year.  A little delayed gratification never hurt anyone, right?

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LA said...

YESSSSSSSS.........I made mommy's top 3 list. lol. I am obsessed with the dolly. I mean cutest thing ever. And all those electronic toys!! Man, Emmaus got a ton of those for christmas. Guess she will love them...even more than the hand made ones.