Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Okay, so I'm slow on the updating here, but better late than never, right?

We had an extended Christmas as we tried to make time for each side of the family.

On Christmas Eve, we had brunch with the Kautzi family and opened presents with Lila's cousins.  She thought this was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I have no pictures. Booo.

Christmas Eve night, we went to church - got there 15 minutes early (unheard of for us) and still had to stand in the back! It was packed!!  Lila distracted all the nice people in the back by running back and forth and yelling "Yay!" every time a song ended.  Also she looked this cute:
Yes, that's a bloody gash across her nose.  She was climbing on the dog and when Franny decided she'd had enough she stood up to walk away (her only defense, really) and vaulted Lila into my dresser.  It was a sad day.

Christmas day, we spent with just the three of us.  We took Lila to see the Muppet Movie as her Christmas present.  The girl loves the Muppets.  We were grateful that there were only about 12 other people in the theater for Lila's first movie-going experience.  She did amazingly for the first hour or so, but got restless for the last 45 minutes.  Overall, it was a fun experience - and if you are a true Muppet fan, you will LOVE the movie.  Both the Husband and I cried.  I mean...I cried - the Husband is too manly to cry at a movie.  (But not really, he cried more than I did.)

We spent Christmas evening at my grandparents' house with our cousins and the usual 3-5 extra guests that people had invited.  This year we were representing many cultures - Chinese, Indian, and Carrigan.  That is, Jason Carrigan, self-proclaimed adopted brother and Lila's "Favorite Uncle." (I try to tell him that he's lucky to even get the uncle card for not being related to us and that it's pushing it to go for favorite, but the man won't hear reason.)  I wonder if Jason still reads my blog.  He'd be happy now that we actually put pictures and stuff on here.  Jason? Do you read my blog?

We always end the night by singing some carols as a family.  It's both sentimental and hilarious.  It means so much to my grandma - she is a retired preschool music teacher - and she has printed caroling books and jingle bells to boot.  Let's just say the Kahler clan is not known for its musical abilities.  We can't seem to manage to sing on tempo, much less on key.

Here's a glimpse:

My favorite part of that video is Jason nodding as he sings "won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" We were all excited when Kyle joined the family and he was quickly enlisted as our choral director.  Although as you may have noticed in the video, not everyone is accustomed to submitting to someone else's leadership.  Often, the mob takes over and we fumble through a song unaccompanied.

The last song of caroling is always Twelve Days of Christmas.  For you brave souls who can handle 7 whole minutes of Kahler caroling, I captured it this year in it's entirety.  The video starts out with Grandma assigning the parts.

Since we were all spending the 26th with my family, I had the brilliant idea for all of us to spend the night at my parents' house.  I think in the future this could be really fun, but it was decidedly NOT.  I think there were just too many X-factors with two dogs (one of which is an ENORMOUS weimaraner "puppy" and the other is a cranky herding dog who kept trying to keep the pup under control) six adults and an over-stimulated 2-year-old.  I don't think anyone got any sleep and I will be the first to admit that I was a GRUMP the next morning.  Not exactly the nostalgic Christmas experience we were going for.  Ah, you live and learn.  We still had a great day, but by that afternoon, we were all toast.  It took a good week and a half to recover.

Which is why I'm writing this post halfway through January.  The end.

Stay tuned for an adoption update!  I promise, it's coming!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! So enjoyed the video. You Captured so many great moments with everyone! It is so special , how did you do that, both singing and taking video?
I love you ! Grandma

Nancy said...

We just watched this at grandma and pops, awesome, ESP grandma dancing! Thanks for documenting history!!!

Jessica Blake said...

oh my gosh i laughed SO hard through the entire video! I love it! So glad someone finally has video of this! and GRANDMA!!! commenting on your blog!! Grandma, you're SO high-tech! So proud of you!!
good one littles.