Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dossier MAILED!

Well, we did it.  It's out of our hands.  Our dossier - that pile of papers that has simultaneously been our most protected and precious possession and the bane of our existence - will be shipped on Monday and should arrive in St. Louis on Tuesday.  And I will be obsessively checking our tracking number until then.  Because I'm a control freak and that's what I do.

The day was not without its share of excitement.  You would think mailing a pile of papers would be simple enough, but leave it to me and I can complicate any situation.   I felt like I was mailing away a second child.  Which is sort of true - I mean, at this point that pile of papers represents our child.  When the Husband and I were talking about how to send our dossier we knew we wanted it trackable, but we were debating insuring it.  On one hand, if something happened to it, no amount of money could buy us a brand new pile of those papers.  No amount of money can buy the three months of our lives it took to compile those documents.  But on the other hand, just the literal cost of some of the documents alone made that envelope worth over $200.  $10 for a copy of our marriage certificate, $15 each for copies of our birth certificates, $10 for medical letters, $7.50 each for 23 state certified documents, etc.  To say those papers are precious to us is an understatement.  Our agency will probably think we are neurotic lunatics when they receive our dossier because we ended up putting all of the papers into a bigger-than-necessary stiff envelope (because I didn't want to risk folding corners if we tried to squeeze too many papers into a smaller envelope) and then packing that envelope in a larger box cushioned with packing peanuts.  I wonder how many dossiers they receive in that sort of protection - or are we the only crazy people?

We spent a good twenty minutes making copies before packing it all up, during which I realized there was a section on the back of our marriage license for notaries that had not been filled out.  We don't know if it was supposed to be filled out because the Secretary of State office certified the original notary from when we got married rather than the notary that perhaps should have witnessed the person who prepared the official copy of our license.  We plan on calling our agency on Monday to clarify and if worse comes to worst we'll have to make a trip downtown to get another official copy that has been notarized, get that state certified and then mail that to St. Louis to join our other documents.  The good news is that it is a Missouri document so it's a 20 minute drive rather than an hour drive.  We hope it won't be necessary, but we'll keep you updated.

During all of this, Lila played happily with the toys the UPS store provides for its customers' children.  Until it was time to leave.  At which point she threw a fit.  In her defense, it was past her nap time, but let's just say that we haven't had the most peaceful last 48 hours.  Eric picked her up off the floor, and he handed her her cup of water.  She promptly threw it in defiance and it hit me in the mouth.  I. was. furious.  If I had been standing a few feet further away and the cup had just fallen to the floor, I would have merely scolded her knowing that she was running on empty - hungry and tired.  But I wasn't standing a few feet further away and it didn't fall innocently to the floor.  It hit me in the mouth and it hurt in that way that causes tears to burn in your eyes involuntarily from the shock of the impact.  I was grateful that Eric was there to deal with Lila so I could just turn away and take some deep breaths.  By the time we got in the car I had regained my composure enough to tell Lila that when we hurt someone, we need to say we are sorry.  I told her to say, "Sorry I hurt you, Mommy."  At first she refused, but after several stubborn moments, she finally mumbled something close to those words and I just had to take what I could get and nurse my swollen lip, still holding back tears that I think were less due to my sore lip and more residual from yesterday's failures.

We got home and Eric got Lila ready for her nap.  I started filing our copies away at which point I realized that we had forgotten to include the $4,100 check with our dossier.  Yeah, that's probably kind of important.  Frantically, I called the UPS store and caught the guy who helped us just as he was sealing our box.  He set the box aside and I hurried back to add the check to the dossier packet.  I gave it one last glance, said one last prayer that it would make it to St. Louis safely and then I got in my car and went home.

There.  So NOW, it's done.  Really, really done.  Finished.  Done-zo.  The end.

Unless of course we need to get another copy of our marriage license.  But the after that, we'll really be done.  Really.  Hopefully.  I think. *sigh*


Renee' Moldrup said...

That is such and exciting huge step!! I am so happy for you all!
And yes...of course you are an honorary member of our family:)
We love Kahler's name!! We are praying for you all and your sweet family!

Colleen said...

Yay!! I bet it feels so good to have everything done on your part and know that it's all in God's hands now! Congrats, this a huge accomplishment!

ourpartyof4 said...

Congrats on getting your dossier finished! We are adopting as well and are thinking of doing an American Girl fundraiser. I found your blog when doing a google search. Can you share with me where you found your virtual raffle tickets? They are so cool!

Thank you and good luck with your adoption :-)
chefandphotographer (at)