Monday, January 2, 2012

Lila's Birthday Party

Lila's birthday party was December 17th.  Simply put, it was 3+ hours of joyful chaos.  Lila was beside herself with glee as each of her favorite people walked through the door.  Franny, the over-zealous guard dog, gave up her barking fits after the 17th person walked in without knocking.  Lila just kept running around showing off and yelling intermittently, "Butterfly Birthday!!" It was awesome.

Here's a glimpse of the party in pictures:

the spread

party favors: butterfly ornaments
little notes for the big two-year-old.  I love reading what people say about my girl.
Birthday banner from last year, embellished with little butterflies made by Laurisa

birthday girl/hostess was busy cooking up some fake food for her guests. that plate has half an orange, a croissant and a giant chicken leg. hilarious.

blowing out her candles on the butterfly ice cream cake.  I have a death grip on her neck because my little sister once caught her hair on fire when blowing out birthday candles and now I'm paranoid.

enjoying the cake with Daddy. you can see that the crash is coming soon...

...and here it is.  after everyone left, a very tired and chocolate-covered birthday girl. 
All in all it was a fun and exhausting day.  Eric made Lila a film about her 2nd year just like he did for her first year.  She watches them obsessively.  Oh to be a narcissistic two-year-old with parents who spoil you rotten.

I'm having technical difficulties with last year's video, but here's this year's for your viewing pleasure:

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Jessica Blake said...

oh i love that little potato body! and her little floppy hair! Where does the time go? i love her so much. i could watch that video all day.
well done eric.