Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 1
You are so sweet to babies.  I can't wait until you are a big sister.  You are going to be so good at it!  Your friend Ruby (or as you call her, Yuby) comes over every Monday and you are getting so good at sharing with her, taking care of her and shepherding her around our house.  I regularly hear you telling her, "No, no Yuby, that not safe!" when she is adventuring or exploring.  You are learning to bring her toys to replace the ones that you snatch out of her hand and you are also learning that sometimes you just have to share.  You give Ruby hugs and kisses all day long, tickle her toes when she's sitting in her highchair, bring her Pink Puppy (Ruby's version of Lambie), and just all around take care of her. 

 Last week we took advantage of our unseasonably warm weather and took a walk (yes! a WALK! in JANUARY!).  I wasn't sure how it would work, but I flattened the seat in your stroller and had you sit behind Ruby with your legs straddling her so that she was sort of in your lap.  I worried you might think she was crowding you, but instead you seemed to soak up the snuggling and whenever Ruby tried to lean forward to see something you would pull her back onto you and say, "Lay down, please!"  It was so, so sweet and quickly turned into a game that had you both giggling.  

I can't wait to see the way you take care of your little brother or sister.  That baby will so lucky to have you for a big sister!

Updated 2/2/12: We visited Baby Afsana today and you kept asking to hold her.  So we set you up on the couch with Afsana in your lap and you both cooed at one another and snuggled contentedly for several minutes.  It was so sweet!


Jessica Blake said...

29 days of lila!!! MY FAVORITE MONTH!!!!!!!

LA said...

oh my goodness! The cuteness of those girls.

Totschies said...

I love these! I too love that your Lila is so.sweet to babies, specifically to mine!

Katy said...

yes, I love reading these thing of Lila!!

Holly said...

She's so considerate and sweet, I wonder who she learned that from!?!? Love her!