Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 11

Your logic.  It's so fun to get little glimpses into the way your little brain works.  You have all this information stored in there - experiences, words, things you've read or seen, ways Mommy and Daddy have described or explained things - and it's entertaining to see you take your brain's resources and put them to work to figure out a new situation or experience.  

The other day you asked me in a worried voice, "What happened to Lila's beard?"  You were picking at something on your chin and upon closer inspection I realized that you had the chin equivalent of a milk mustache.  A milk beard, if you will.  It was as though you had the following thought process: There's something on my chin. Daddy has something on his chin and he calls it a beard.  I must have a beard, too!

You were so concerned about your beard, so of course I had to take a video:

Ahhhh, milk beard.  You are silly.


Katy said...

She is talking so well! She is so adorable too!

Jessica Blake said...

i showed this to his "beard" doesn't have quite the weight it did before he knew lila also knows herself to have a beard. sorry kyle.