Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 15

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 15

You love to imitate.  You've taken to mimicking us when we're on the phone so it's like having a little echo in the back of the car.

Me: Hi, Mom we're going to Costco.  Do you need anything?
You: Hi Mom, uh, Costco, uh need anyting?
Nanny on the other line: When are you going?
Me: Right now; we're on our way.
You: On our way!
Nanny: Maybe I'll meet you there.
Me: Ok, we'll be there in ten minutes.
You: Ok! Ten Minutes!
Nanny: Alright, I'll leave in five minutes and call you when I get there.
Me: Ok, see ya there.
You: See ya dere!

Actually the conversations don't usually go that smoothly because I usually have to ask whoever I'm talking to to repeat what they just said since all I could hear was you aping me!

When we leave the house, you insist on bringing with you whatever I'm bringing.  So if I'm holding my purse, keys and sunglasses, then a mad search for your purse, keys and sunglasses ensues.  If I'm bringing a water bottle, you simply must bring "Lila's cup."  

It's not just me you like to imitate.  You want to be just like Daddy, too:

Whenever Daddy makes a smoothie, you want one, too.  And because he's the best, he goes the extra mile and chooses matching cups and straws for the two of you:

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