Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 16

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 16

Your little heart.  Oh, child.  Your sweet, tender, Jesus-loving heart.  I love the way you just seem drawn to Jesus!  His name has had some sort of magnetic energy for you even from a young age.  I remember last Spring when you were so, so sick and the only thing that made you stop crying was singing Jesus Loves Me.  Or this summer when you would ask me to sing the "Jesus Song," as you called it, again and again.  I love how your Jesus Storybook Bible is completely destroyed because of all of the attention you give it (I think I've taped 80% of the pages in addition to the front cover).  

This is a video of you reading your Bible last summer.  I love the way you say, "Jesus!" when you find the picture of him. 

I love that you like to "talk to Jesus" before a meal or when you are scared.  I love that you prefer to sing and hear songs worshiping Jesus over other songs (even though we probably sing and listen to more secular songs than worship music).  I can't be sure of what exactly is going on in your heart, but I have high hopes based on the things that Jesus himself told us about small children that there is something about your young spirit that understands the things of Heaven better than my old mama heart could.

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