Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 17

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 17

You narrate EVERYTHING.  Tonight Daddy and I were both distracted and you were busy working on something.  I could hear you saying, "It's my birthday! Today's my birthday!" accompanied by a ripping sound, but the words and sounds weren't registering because I was too focused on my other task (writing an email).  A few minutes later, I looked up, startled, because Daddy exclaimed, "Lila! No! That's Mommy's Valentine's box!"  You had been "unwrapping" the box that I made for my Valentines at school.  I had planned on using the box next year, too so that I wouldn't have to make another one, but it really wasn't that big of a deal.  Later Daddy and I laughed that if we had just been tuned in to what you were saying, we might have avoided the complete destruction of my box.  Ahh, well.  You walked around the rest of the night saying, "It's my birthday!  It's my birthday!"  

Today you were taking very good care of your baby.  You kept saying, "She's sad.  She's poopy.  She's sad because she's poopy.  It's okay, Baby, Mommy's got you.  Oh, Baby, it's okay."  It was so cute.  Then it changed to, "I go on walk with Baby.  I put Baby in stroller.  Baby needs her Lambie.  Let's go, Baby."  I tried to get a video, but as soon as I pull out the camera you want to watch the movies on it and you immediately stop doing whatever cute thing had demanded the camera in the first place.  

Usually I get a kick out your narration.  Many times it's helpful (if you're in the other room, I always know what you're doing because you are giving me a play-by-play).  But tonight, I finally had to say, "Lila, Mommy needs some alone time.  Can you go talk near Daddy for a little bit?"  You obliged, unfazed and I soon heard you chattering away about putting something in a box and taking it out again, "Go in there?  Lila have that.  You go in there."

I don't have a photo or video from today, but here's a photo of you from February 17th last year.  It looks like you were mid-babble, which is appropriate for this post.


Jessica Blake said...

oh that little chubby face...just gets me. i love her. maybe make another one.

Sarah B said...

she is precious and I just love how you describe how her little mind and heart are figuring things out! i am also LOVING this series you are writing for her. (I may have to copy it someday for my own sweet little one!)