Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 2

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 2
(Happy Birthday, Aunt Jess!)

You are so social! When Daddy and I were still waiting for you to be born, we would discuss how our greatest fear was that you would be the extrovert to rock our introvert world.  Surely two introverts couldn't produce an extrovert though, right?  Wrong.  You, as they say, have never met a stranger.  People passing on the street, children in shopping carts at the store, the mailman, the receipt checkers (I'm sure that's not their official title) at Costco, the sister-in-law of a friend - all of these people are greeted with a cheery, "Hi, friends!"  You literally stand at our big picture window and yell to people walking past, "HI! HI, FRIENDS! HI!"  And Tuesday night we were at our dear friend Genny's birthday dinner and I looked around to see you sitting on Genny's sister-in-law's lap.  You had known her for all of 30 minutes and I couldn't figure out if I was more concerned or impressed that you had charmed your way into her heart and lap in the time it took me to finish my cheesecake.  (Of course, our only concern is rooted in the fear that someday you will befriend a not-so-friendly stranger in your innocence.)

Every once in awhile we get a true glimpse into just how deeply rooted your gregarious nature is.  For example, we met Daddy for lunch a few weeks ago and there was a little girl - probably four or five - in line ahead of us with her mom.  You kept trying to get her to talk to you.  Actually you kept getting all up in her face and saying, "Friend? I Lila!" while gesturing forcibly toward your chest indicating your name.  She kept retreating further and further behind her mom's legs.  It was a sight to see a child twice your age and height cowering in intimidation because of your social intensity.  Daddy and I just looked at each other and reminded one another, "She's an extrovert!"  I think sometimes we try to convince ourselves that all toddlers are social, but you are truly uniquely so!

I think I would be a little more terrified about this if I hadn't grown up with your Aunt Jess.  She'll give you a run for your money in the social butterfly contest.  I am so proud and thankful for the kind of friend, wife and sister she is because I can see so much of her in you.  You officially have my permission to turn out like your Aunt Jess.  I would be thrilled.  Happy Birthday, Little Sister!  We love you!
Little Sister, you might be mad at me for posting this, but you took it in Photo Booth on our computer so therefore it's free game!


mallory dahmer said...

This is precious. I just teared up reading this as you were talking about Jess and Lila's similarities. I love your family.

LA said...

I love her social little self a her social aunt. That is a great pic.

Katy said...

Love, love the picture. Lila is a beautiful social butterfly!!!!


anna said...

i love that we got a taste of this last night. from a fellow 'know no strangers' extrovert-its a fun life & i'm excited to see the incredible little person she grows into. awesome people make awesome babies. well done kels (& eric)