Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 22

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 22

You love to learn.  You're like a little sponge.  I will tell you something once and it sticks.  You amaze me in that way.  You recognize songs that you know from the first few notes and exclaim, "I know this song!" or sometimes, "I love this song!"  And you remember and associate things that happened once.  For instance, we were at Target several months ago and there were fireworks being set off for some reason somewhere nearby.  As we went to the car, we could see the fireworks behind Target so we pointed them out to you.  Now every time we go to Target or we drive by Target you say, "Where's the fireyworks?"  It never ceases to amaze me that you associate Target with the fireworks we saw ONCE!

And speaking of things that amaze me, recently you have loved playing a little game where we ask a question like, "Does the cow say 'woof, woof?'" and you delightedly inform us, "No! Cow not say 'woof-woof,' Dog says 'woof-woof.' Cow says 'mooooooo!'"  You amaze me at the complexity of the sentences you create in response!  Sometimes they are so complex I have to think about your answer for a second to make sure you said everything right - and you always do!

I hope your love of learning will help you in school.  I hope you continue to seek out new information the way you do now.  We have these little magnetic letters on our fridge and you have loved playing with them for a while now. You would bring me the letters and I would tell you what letter it was.  Gradually, you started remembering some!  So I became more intentional about teaching you the letters and soon you could recognize every letter in the alphabet!  Now you even know most of their sounds (thank you, LeapFrog toys!) and you say things like, "Where's the O for Octopus?" When we're in the car, you will shout out, "Mommy, I see letter P!"  I think you will be an early reader based on how interested in letters you are!

Last week, we were reading one of your favorite books and I recorded this little lesson:

Tonight, your Pop was entertaining you outside while Mommy and Daddy were packing up all of your things to go home.  When we came out, we learned that you and Pop had created a new game for which you would walk around each car in the driveway (Nanny and Pop were having a dinner party so there were lots of cars), find the gas tank and exclaim, "Dere it is!"  You seemed to love this new game that allowed you to explore and absorb a new territory.  All I could think was, "She is such a learner!"  I love how much you love to learn!  Makes my Mommy-Teacher heart glad!

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Katy said...

You got that book for Tony ages ago and he loved it too. I used to make a splashing sound at then end when he hit the water and he would just laugh and laugh! Love your 29 days of Lila!