Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 27

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 27

How much fun it is to share your joy when you get to do something that makes you feel important and grown up.  We have had three over-ripe bananas sitting on our counter for over a week, begging me to either use them or throw them away already.  Today, with about an hour before nap, I decided to bite the bullet and make some banana nut muffins (sans the nuts).  At first I was just going to distract you so I could quickly get them in the oven before nap, but then I remembered how much you like to help and I decided to involve you in the process.  I do not regret it.  Even though there was some flour spillage, some batter splatterage, and the near loss of two eggs (organic even - it would have been a sad thing) when you picked up the bowl I had put them in.  

Anyway, I started by moving your little table into the kitchen so you could reach everything:
Then you helped me measure out the sugar, dump in the shortening and run the mixer.  Then we added the eggs and vanilla and after that, you helped me measure out the flour:
Mommy measured out the salt and baking soda (too much of those could be not delicious) and then we mixed in the flour mixture alternately with the bananas.  You loved mixing:
We had one little incident when you got overzealous with your mixing and the batter leapt out of the bowl onto you:
I had to stop the video when you bent over to investigate the batter on your toe and started accidentally dipping your hair in the batter.  Yum.

Once everything was mixed in, I poured the batter into the muffin tin.  At that point your patience was wearing thin and you couldn't understand why it wasn't time to eat the muffins.  Just before nap time, the muffins were done so we took them out to cool.  I promised you a muffin for snack after your nap and you went to bed talking about the muffins.  By the time you woke up, you must have forgotten about them because the look on your face when I asked you if you wanted one for your snack was priceless.  I think they were a success:

 You ate two of them.


Stan, Dana, and Isaac said...

how can anyone not adore her!?

anna said...

'i take that' ;)

sorry for exposing your sweet one to the deliciousness of banana muffins. oh how i love her.

Mrs. Tidyman said...

Very sweet! I really like the pictures of Franny in the background at the end of your post.