Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 28

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 28

Your instinctual ability to simultaneously make my day and send me on the biggest guilt trip of my life OR how much you like predictability and routine.

Today, your daddy had a dentist appointment so he was going in to work late.  He offered to bring you up to school on his way to work so that I wouldn't have to get you all packed up on my way out like I usually do.  I thought it would be awesome - I could actually be on time and you would get some bonus Daddy-Daughter time and some waffles for breakfast to boot!  However, I neglected to consider your reaction to messing with your routine.

At first you were all happy that both Mommy and Daddy were home this morning. "Hi, Mommy-Daddy!" (your joint name for us)  But when I started packing up my "backpack" (it's actually my little rolling cart with my school supplies in it, but you call it my backpack) and you were still in your jammies, you started to get a little anxious.  "Mommy leaving?" 

I explained, "Mommy is going to school and Daddy will bring you to school in a little bit."  You seemed satisfied until I packed your lunch into my backpack and started putting on my coat.  

"No, Mommy stay at Lila's house."  I explained the plan again.  

"My lunch box."  I explained that I would bring it to school and you could have it at lunch time.  By this point you had found your backpack and were rolling it toward me ready to follow me out the door.  

"Lila," I explained, "you are going to stay here for a little bit and Daddy will bring you to school after you take a bath."  I thought (wrongly) that a bath might cheer you up - plus you were sticky and smelly and your hair was crimped funnily from the braid you wore in your hair for two days straight.  

"No, I go to school with Mommy!"  Daddy tried to take over the explaining at this point because I obviously wasn't getting through to you.  As I walked out the door I heard you squeal in a panicked voice, "My luuuuunnnnch boooooooxxxxxxx!" as Daddy scooped you up.  I heard you screaming as I walked to the car and could still hear you when I pulled away.

Not an hour later, Daddy stopped by my classroom after dropping you off and regaled me with the story of your traumatic morning.  Evidently you weren't all too pleased that I abandoned you without reason and to add insult to injury, Daddy tortured you by dumping water on your head in the bathtub.  Plus, I had taken YOUR LUNCH BOX!  The nerve!

I apologized to Daddy that his should-have-been sweet Daddy-Daughter time didn't live up to its promise and peeked in to check on you in your classroom.  I gave you a hug and asked you if you had a sad morning.

"Yes," you said meekly.
"Why were you so sad?" I asked.
"Because...because..." you attempted, lower lip pouted out, "because...Mommy is leaving me!"

Make my day: you want to be with me even though we've spent the last two days straight at home just the two of us
Guilt trip: you accused me of abandoning you

How do kids just know the way to stab you in the heart and twist the knife around a bit for good measure?  

Although, I actually think you were less upset by me leaving than the fact that we messed with our usual school day routine.  And that I took your lunch box.

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Katy said...

Aww, poor Lila! Yes, kids seem to have a knack for that!