Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 3

Your outfits.  You are at that age when you are beginning to have an opinion about what you want to wear.  And more often than not, you want to wear something like this:
the outfit you wore to school a few weeks ago
or this:
The outfit I came home to when Aunt Jess watched you.  (Notice the wings)
or this:
Your preferred outfit for our make-shift picnic lunch in the living room.
In general, your outfit preference involves either more or fewer articles of clothing than are appropriate for the weather or occasion.  Perhaps this isn't a new thing because I just remembered this picture from one of the hottest days last summer:
Long-sleeved tee, pajama pants, and sweater booties all over your swimsuit.  And it was 100+ degrees outside.
For the most part, I let you have a say in what you wear.  The result is usually an endearing mix of tomboy and pixie.  Besides, it charms the old ladies at the grocery store and that's well worth it!

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Katy said...

I can't wait to hear what she says to you one day when she sees these pictures. too cute though! Love her and you!