Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 4

You are polite!  We have been pretty intentional and diligent about creating the linguistic habit of kindness in you.  We do the usual reminders of, "what do you say?" when you ask for something or when you are given something.  But what makes my mommy heart proud is when you say please, thank you, excuse me or sorry without being prompted.  I will do pretty much anything for you if you say please unprompted.  For instance, yesterday at lunch, you had already eaten your animal cracker treats at the end of your meal when you spotted the box of letter cookies that your Nana gave us.  You looked at me sweetly and said, "Please letter cookie please, Mommy?" And I just couldn't resist your charm.  "One letter cookie, okay?  Because you asked so nicely!" 

Sometimes your politeness makes us giggle, like when the doggie was lying down in front of the door and you said, "Excuse me, please Franny," and then when she got up (probably not because she understood you, more likely because you came toward her and she's learned to view your advances with apprehension!) you said, "Thank you!"  

And yesterday you were trying to squeeze past your high chair and you said, "Excuse me, seat!" which made me laugh and you looked at me in confusion as though to say, "What's so funny? Didn't you teach me to say excuse me if someone is in my way?"  Yes, I did.  And I'm sure your seat is very impressed with your good manners!
The best is when you say please or thank you without my prompting in public and I can just smile humbly while inside my heart swells with pride (like the Grinch's when the Whos in Whoville celebrate Christmas even after he took all of their presents and decorations).  A while ago, we were at your Nana and Papa's and as we were leaving, you ran up to your Nana and hugged her and said, "Thank you, Nana!" without our prompting.  I just about cried, I was so proud of you.  I know it sounds like such a small thing, but practicing the habit of saying thank you will eventually form a heart of gratitude which is something I want so desperately for you.  It does my heart good to think that your little two-year-old spirit is already forming and shaping into one that reflects Jesus.  

So thank you, for making your mama and daddy look good!

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Katy said...

oh, too cute, too cute!! love her!! she is one smart, polite child!