Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 5

You do the silliest things when you wake up from your nap.  When you wake up from your nap, I usually let you play and talk for a little bit.  Partly because I am usually desperate for an extra 20-30 minutes of Mommy time and partly because I love to see what little games you invent or what songs you will sing to entertain yourself or your choice of words when you finally demand that I release you from your nap time prison.

Here are a few of your most common:

Mommy, I poop!
Mommy, yar-you? (that's Lila-speak for "where are you")
Mommy, come in here!
Mommy, I all done!
Mommy, good nap?
Mommy, come get Lila!

One of my favorite things you do is create little imaginary situations with your Lambie.  Lambie is poopie and needs a new diaper.  Lambie is sad and needs a bink.  Lambie is tired so you tuck him in with your snuggle.  Lambie wants a story.  Sometime I sneak in to see you lying next to Lambie (who is tucked in under your snuggle) and you are patting his back.  And sometimes I sneak in and see Lambie perched on the end of your crib surveying your antics:

Lambie is playing King of the Crib.
You usually have a comment about my physical appearance when I get you up from a nap because I'm usually either very sweaty from just having worked out, wet from just having gotten out of the shower, or greasy from being lazy through your nap and NOT having showered yet.  So I get comments like, "Mommy sweaty?" or "Mommy wet hair? Take a shower?" or "Mommy shiny?"  That last one usually means I need to take a shower!  In the following video you ask me if I'm wearing a swimsuit because I was wearing a workout tank:

The most memorable situation was a week or so ago when your daddy and I were having a stay-in-bed stand off and, though we were both very groggy, we remember the following sequence of events:

Mommy! Mommy! I poop! Mommy, I poop!
five minutes later
a few minutes later
Mommy, I poop on the pottttyyyyy!
Mommy, I poop on the potttttyyyy!

Daddy finally conceded the stand off and went in to get you out of bed (because he's a good man who knows that sleeping in = happy wife).  When he opened your bedroom door, he found you half naked with your pants and diaper off and the diaper folded closed and placed intentionally on top of your Snuggle.  Our best guess is that you had pooped (as you announced) and then took it upon yourself to change your own diaper.  The "ta-da!" is mostly likely when you succeeded in getting your diaper off.  As for your proclamation that you had pooped on the potty, we are in pre-potty training mode and you seem to be confused about what it actually means to use the potty.  You often tell us that you pooped on the potty when you really mean that you had just pooped in your diaper.   Needless to say, we both spring into action now at any poop announcements coming from your crib.  We were grateful that it wasn't a messy poop this time so the cleanup was minimal - next time we might not be so lucky!  Either way, it makes a great story!  And we all know how much I love sharing a good poop story!


Katy said...

love the video!

LA said...

Please post a video every day! I just love watching her sweet little self. I cannot handle the cuteness!