Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 6

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 6

You are so snuggly when you are sick.  We've been lucky that you haven't been as sick recently as you were this fall, but I guess our luck ran out this Saturday night when you woke up around midnight screaming.  Never a good sign.  I rushed into your room and you were burning up - 103.2° fever.  Sad baby.  I gave you some water and ibuprofen, stripped you down to your diaper and sat down to rock you back to sleep (I'm a fever pro after our many fevers last spring, most memorably this one).  After several minutes, I was about to put you back in bed when you started crying and sobbed, "I have it a-fever!" and then threw up all over me.  (By the way, it is a testament to my love for you that I did not return the favor.  I usually have a very sensitive gag reflex - ask anyone in my family and they'll tell you their favorite exaggerated story of my wussy stomach.)

This is when my expertise failed me.  We've done puke.  We've done fever.  We've even done strep.  But I've never done fever and puke at the same time.  Good thing your Aunt Jess works weekend nights!  I called her to see what I should do to get your fever down if you couldn't keep anything down.  Per her instructions, we kept you naked, let you eat some ice chips and tried to get you to take some more medicine.  You were adamantly against that last part having just thrown up your last dose.  We must have gotten some of it in you, though because your fever started going down.  We ended up bringing you in bed with us and you and Daddy slept while I tossed and turned because you both SNORE!  Normally I would be grumpy about this, but you kept patting me with your little hand and feeling for me next to you in your sleep.  I was kind of loving it.  Under usual circumstances we could never be a co-sleeping family because you live by the motto "when people are present it's time to party," but when you're sick you snuggle up quietly (with maybe a whimper or two in there) and go to sleep.

The next day you were so so snuggly.  It was awesome.  All you wanted to do was sit on our laps quietly or lean against us or snuggle in bed or have us hold you.

I think your Daddy was enjoying this a little bit:

is it just me or do you look like an eight year old in this picture?
Of course I'm grateful that you are now on the upswing, but I was sure enjoying the snuggly silver lining of a sick Peanut!  

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Mrs. Tidyman said...

Moms have to endure many gross things. It's times like that that I think you should ask for a raise.