Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 7

You love to sing!  Both Daddy and I love music, so it shouldn't be a surprise that you do, too!  We love that you love music!  You sing all the time and always have a song request when we get in the car.  Your favorite used to be Brooke Fraser's Something in the Water (which you call "doo-doo"), and right now you seem to love Feist's I Feel it All (which you call "feel tall song").  It's so cute the way you sing along with the songs you know and even clap or drum along with a few, too!  You seem to be able to pick out certain instruments (mostly drums) in songs and you often exclaim, "Daddy drums!" when a song has a particularly noticeable drum beat.  I think Daddy's heart skips a beat (pun intended) when you manage to clap along in rhythm and images of a young Meg White flash into his head.

This weekend, despite being sick, you gave us an enthusiastic performance of a new favorite of yours, Gungor's Beautiful Things:

(side note: I love how Daddy's head pops into the frame at 1:17.  Hilarious.)

Sometimes your singing is more endearing than others.  Example?
Endearing=you singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Jess:

(can anyone guess what my favorite part of this one is?  I'll give you a hint, it happens at 57 seconds)

Not-so-endearing=you singing yelling Something in the Water:

Endearing or not, we hope you continue to sing your little heart out!


Mrs. Tidyman said...

At the beginning of the birthday song, I love how her voice gets really high on Happy BIRTHday!

Stan, Dana, and Isaac said...

I love this. She is awesome. :) And she has great taste in music. I <3 beautiful things.

LA said...

oh my heavens!!!! the videos. the kill me. Her singing beautiful things??? I love that song. I mean get cuter...or more verbally advanced!!