Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9

29 Things to Love about Lila
Day 9

You are particular.  You have opinions about lots of things.  Like:
  • where you want to sit
  • where you want me to sit 
  • who should drive the car ("No, Daddy! Mommy Drive!")
  • what color diaper you wear ("green one!")
  • which bink you want
  • where your toys should go
  • which socks you want to wear
  • which shirt you want to wear
  • which shoes you want to wear
  • which pants you want to wear
  • whether you want to wear pants at all
You get the idea.  But in case you don't, here's another example:
One day I could only find two Snuggles (we have four) and I started to worry that there might come a day when I could find NO Snuggles.  That would be a day filled with lots of whining and crying and very little sleeping.  And I started to think that I would rather not have that day.  So I got the brilliant idea to order some more through our friend Heather who owns a sweet little natural mama store called Teeny Greeny.  Snuggles were originally designed to be burp cloths, but you adopted them as your comfort object.  (Correction, one of your comfort objects - you have four: Lambie, Snuggle, Bink and Birdie Blanket.  High maintenance, aren't we?)

Anyway, I asked Heather if she would order me a few more Snuggles and was all excited to show you the brand new (clean!) Snuggles!  I showed you the package and said, "Look, Lila!  Mommy got you some new Snuggles!"  You gasped dramatically as you are prone to do when you are excited and surprised.  But when I took the new Snuggles out of the package and handed one to you, a look of disgust came over your face and you said matter-of-factly, "Dat not Suggle."  

"Yes it is! It's just a new, clean Snuggle!"
"No. Not Suggle."
"Lila, it's the same as your other Snuggles, it's just a little softer.  See?"  I held out the new one next to the old one.  

In your defense, they weren't the same.  The old one was smaller (shrunk, I'm sure from many washings), dirtier (despite the many washings), thinner and the fleece was all pilled.  The new one was offensively clean, soft, full-sized and brilliant white.  And no matter how much I tried to convince you, there was no talking you into accepting that normal burp cloth masquerading as a Snuggle.

As someone who is very particular herself, I can appreciate the need to control your environment.  I just wish your particularity didn't interfere with my particularity (I would really rather you wear pants).

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