Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We interrupt this program to bring you this special announcement!

We are officially a waiting family!!!

I came home from teaching today and checked my email to find this:
I immediately started sending out a mass text to...well...everyone I know.  (If you didn't get one, it's probably not because I didn't send it to you.  It's probably because I have a new phone and I can't really figure out how to use it yet.  It's too fancy for me.  Many people said they got a text, but couldn't open it for whatever reason so I have no idea who got the text and who didn't.  Arg.  Stupid technology.)  We truly feel like each of you are on this journey with us.  As I was flipping through my contacts on my phone, I was reminded of how each one of you has contributed to us getting to this point.  We can't say enough how grateful we are for your support, donations, encouragement and excitement.  Grateful just doesn't cover it.

I'm hoping to have more information regarding what our wait might look like soon.  I have an email in to our consultant to ask what our official number is, so I'll update again when we have that information.  But until then we were just too giddy to not announce this wonderful news!  We could not be more excited/relieved/thrilled/hyper to finally be on the waiting list!

It's a little sobering because we know it will be a LOOOOONG wait, but it feels so much better to be officially waiting rather than waiting to officially wait!

Now that we are officially a waiting family, I feel much more "pregnant" than before.  It's a strange thing to be expecting without being pregnant.  Strange, but beautiful.  One of the ways this has manifested itself is that the Husband and I (okay, mostly I) have been obsessively researching name possibilities.  Thinking of names signifies a transition for me, I think.  Brainstorming names was the beginning of bonding with Lila when I was pregnant.  And as I begin to research and pray over names, I begin to imagine who this little baby might be.  I have been asking the Lord for a name that would speak to our baby's identity the way Lila's name speaks to hers.  We have a few we are tossing around right now and if we get more sure about them, we'll for sure let you know (you guys know I'm horrible at keeping those kind of secrets!).

Would you pray with us that the Lord would give us a name for this baby?  And while you're at it, would you pray that the wait would be bearable and that it would at least feel quick even if in reality it's very, very long?  We'd love ya for it.  Oh, who am I kidding.  We already love you.  But we'll love you more. Nope, not possible.  Ah, well.  You'll just have to settle for praying out of the kindness of your heart.

One day of waiting down, only the Lord knows how many more to go!  We'll have to figure out a way to track and mark our waiting.  Any ideas?

Thank you for doing this with us, friends.  We're humbled and grateful.  So, so grateful.

P.S. If you'll remember, we have lots of rules about naming our children - it's funny to look back on how we were processing choosing Lila's name.  And also funny that we totally broke some of our own rules (like not having a nickname).

P.P.S. Of course, our baby's given name will be a factor, too.  We will be keeping all or part of the given name.  We'll decide whether or not we think the given name will make life easier or harder for him or her.  If it's the latter, we'll keep it as a middle name at the very least.


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so. back years ago when i started reading adoption blogs, there was one that did a really cute countdown. but i couldn't remember the name of it. shoot. so i've been sitting here for 30 min trying to rack my brain. and whadaya know...i got it. (not surprised. anna has a blog recommendation)

here's an example of how they did their countdown...

how sweet would it be to have pics of lila waiting for her little sib.