Monday, March 19, 2012

Garage Sale!

UPDATE: We are moving our sale back a few weeks due to a scheduling conflict that just came up.  We're thinking first or second weekend in June.  Stay tuned!

It's been awhile since we've had an adoption post, so here I am to give you a quick update.  

As far as we know, we are still number 97 on the waiting list, and I have an email in to our adoption consultant to verify that. UPDATE: We are actually back to number 99.  Several families lost their referrals so they were put back on the list which bumped us back up to our original slot. Boooo! It doesn't seem like things are speeding up at all with referrals, although we did receive news from our agency that they are moving forward with one of the additional orphanages they had been pursuing - so that is good news!  

As far as fundraising, we are still working toward that big ole $8,000+ goal for our referral fee, but with the longer wait, the reality is we will probably have to use a chunk of that to pay for updates on nearly all of our paperwork as time goes by.  We will have to update our fingerprints, our home study and several documents in our dossier as many expire after a year - 18 months.  It seems like such a discouragement and a hassle, but we know it will all be worth it when our baby is home!

We took a little break from all things adoption after the mad rush to get our dossier completed at the end of January.  But now that it's mid-March and our fundraising thermometer hasn't been moving much we figured we'd better kick back into gear with our fundraising.  So....we've finally set the dates for our long-awaited garage sale!  And I had fun playing with Photoshop making the flyer (personal information removed from this version - this is the internet after all):

Our garage is already bursting at the seams thanks to all of our friends' generous donations so far, but we can still use more!  See the list above and start your Spring Cleaning with our little family in mind!  Contact me at makewayfortheawesomekid(at)gmail(dot)com and we can arrange to pick up or for you to drop off any donations you might have.

Also, if any of you have the spiritual gift of garage sales, I NEED YOU!  I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed by the massive pile in my garage and the grand plans I have for the garage sale weekend.  I'll be back soon with another post detailing specific jobs I need help with, but for now, if you love garage sales, have a good instinct about pricing, love to organize and delegate, I am looking to "hire" a Garage Sale Coordinator.  I'll even let you pick your title from the following list:

Garage Sale Captain
Princess Garage Sale
The Chief
Garage Sale Boss
The Garage Sale Godfather (mother)
Oh Wise One
Kelsey's Best Friend
The Favorite
Garage Sale Diva

If none of those suit your fancy, we can brainstorm some other possibilities.  But seriously folks, I need help!  We will need a team of volunteers to pull this off.  Please let me know if you are awesome available to help.  Even if you are busy that weekend, we will have lots to do beforehand to prep.

And please spread the word!  I have a PDF version of the flyer that I can send you if you would be willing to email it out to your circles.  Okay...I'm off to make my ever-growing to-do list!  Goodnight!


Holly said...

We are in to help! My organization skills are definitely lacking but I'll help in whatever way you want me to!

Totschies said...

Very exciting! We also would love to help in whatever way we can.... keep us posted!