Thursday, March 8, 2012

In case you wondered

Have I mentioned how awesome my job is?  It's the perfect mommy job.  I only have to work one day a week, I get to bring Lila with me (we have a nursery for the teachers' kids), I have the best co-workers ever, and I get to teach a hilarious and rowdy group of first graders!

Okay, quick digression from the point of this post to tell a favorite story from this year.  One of my favorite things about teaching first grade is the hilarious conversations I get to eavesdrop on.  Around playoff time, I overheard the following conversation between three boys during snack time.  To protect their anonymity (although, if any of their moms read this blog, they'll know which one is their son because I told them this story) I'll call them Boys 1, 2 and 3:

Boy #1: Dude (yep, he said "dude") did you know the Broncos beat the Steelers?
Boy #2: Yeah! My dad was going craaaazzzzy!
Boy #1: Probably the Patriots are gonna beat the Broncos, but you never know...
Boy #2: (who was wearing a Favre Packers' jersey) I can't stand the Chiefs.
Boy #1: Why? Because they beat the Packers?
Boy #2: No, because I like the Broncos and the Broncos hate the chiefs.
Boy #3: (obviously completely clueless as to what his friends are talking about, but making a concerted effort to join the conversation, says loudly) I LOVE George Washington!

So close, Buddy.  So close.  George Washington is always a good guess, though.

Also, later in the conversation, one of the boys (can't remember which, but my guess is Boy #3) announced to the class at large, "And we have a bunk bed that almost costs a fortune!"

Ahhh, first graders.


I have mentioned Lila's "school" a few times and I bet you've wondered what I mean by that.  You haven't?  Oh well, I'm going to tell you anyway.  It's not so much school as extended play time with seven other kids aged 11 months to 4 years old.  Every Tuesday night, I tell Lila that when she wakes up we get to go to school and she responds by listing off all of her friends:

Me: Lila, we get to go to school tomorrow!
Lila: And play with Jude (Jude is always her first mention - they're betrothed) and Emri and Molly and Delainey and Cohen and Andrew and Baby Ellie and Miss Lavonne and Miss Kathy!

Sometimes (okay most times) I pop in and observe Lila's class while I'm on my break just because I miss her.  Today, they were in rare form so I decided to document it.  This resulting video is over five minutes, but I promise you, it's worth it (as long as you ignore my obnoxiously loud interjections and commentary throughout the video).  You'll get to see the cast of characters in all their glory:

- scene opens with three of the girls running laps around Baby Ellie who, in all her baby girl wisdom, crawls out of the path of the crazy girls
- Delainey exits the bathroom with an announcement that she has her own Hello Kitty clock (which makes me laugh really hard)
- Ellie wipes out and then nearly gets clobbered by Lila and Molly playing a rowdy game of Ring Around the Rosie
- Lila tackles Molly to the ground
- Emri taps my shoulder to show me her heart shirt
- pan back to Lila who is now strangling her friend Molly
- observe Jude (future son-in-law) dutifully honing his carpentry skills by building legos, closely supervised by bigger boys Cohen and Andrew
- Lila is distracted by the legos in the midst of a game of tag and picks them up and hurls them across the room (are we noticing a theme here?  Lila is the destructive force of the class)
- Emri, in the meantime, is organizing a new game called "Train" by lining up chairs in a row
- The girls sit patiently while Conductor Emri puts the train together
- There is a discussion about what a caboose is and whether they use cabooses anymore (Cohen informs me that he's "seen a train before - a whole thing of it!" and they use engineers instead of cabooses.  Clearly he's an expert.)
- Emri takes her position in the conductor's seat and turns to ask if everyone is buckled up and in response, the girls strap in their imaginary seat belts and announce, "I am!"  So cute.
- Lila gets up out of her seat and Ellie innocently uses the empty seat as a prop to help her stand up on her wobbly learning-to-walk baby legs
- Lila objects to Ellie touching her forfeited chair and the video ends with me having to intervene because Lila has just shoved Baby Ellie to the ground in defense of her chair

*Sigh* Is my child a bully or just a two year old?  Let's hope it's the latter and she grows out of it.

Anyway, here you go, enjoy:

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Is Lila wearing skinny jeans? So cute!