Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Notes: a new series

In honor of our recently celebrated 6th anniversary and our recently begun Year of Jubilee,  I wanted to start a new series.  Or maybe I'm just on a roll after our 29 days of Lila...

I've recently been loving reading other bloggers' love stories (here's one I especially love) so I thought it would be fun to write ours out.  After all, our hope is that Lila (and our future Awesome Kids) will read this blog one day so it seems appropriate to have our love story written out for them to read.

I have no plans on how frequent or how many I'll post.  But knowing me, you can expect long gaps in between and a very detailed account.  I'm nothing if not a procrastinator and a laborious storyteller.  But it's our story so I'll tell it however I like.  So there.

The Husband and I started our dating relationship in 2003 whilst in two separate foreign countries studying abroad, but we had been friends for several years before that.  All you need to know about the years prior is that we met junior year in high school at church youth group, (I went home to my two best friends and said, "I think I like that Eric boy."  And they said, "He has a girlfriend."  And I said, "That doesn't have to last forever."  And guess what?  It didn't.) became close friends on a Mexico mission trip that summer, remained close our senior years, kept in touch our freshman years of college, (he was at K-State in Manhattan, KS and I was at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN) and Spring semester of sophomore year, we spent our last few days before heading out of the country together because all of our friends had already gone back to school.

Once I got to Guatemala, I sent an email to my friends and family telling everyone I had arrived safely.  I'll leave you with the response I received from Eric (by the way, Eric's email address below is now defunct, so no use trying to send anything to it):

...and the flirting begins.  Oh, who am I kidding, we had both been flirting with one another for over three years already.  This was just Official Flirting with Intent to Marry.

To be continued...

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