Friday, March 30, 2012

She-nanny-gans Part 2

Just checking in one last time this week to remind you all that we will be making a donation to a lucky adoptive family's adoption fund in lieu of our student loan payment next month!  To nominate an adopting family (even if it's your family!), leave a comment with the family's name.  We'll be drawing a name out of a hat tonight!

And also, I needed to share this:

As you can see, Lila's hambone nature is in her blood.  And as you can guess by the end of that video, my mom is probably going to be mad at me for posting it.  But I say if you're going to perform, you have to be willing to accept that it might end up on your daughter's blog.  So there, Mama!

I will say, on her behalf, that she had just gotten done working out.  Even though I think she's totally cute, she'd want to give that disclaimer I think.

P.S. For She-nanny-gans Part 1, click here.


Jewel said...

wow. that is SO cool you guys are doing a drawing to donate to another family. . . Hmm, Although I don't know her well, I'm nominating Dana, the girl you met with. . . She's the only person I know adopting!

Jessica Blake said...

i laughed long and hard at that video. Mama you are SO cute!