Friday, March 2, 2012

Wet feet.

Lila and I went for a walk after it rained the other day. She wanted to wear her hand-me-down Dora the Explorer aqua socks, despite the fact that they are a) a size and a half too large, b) generally utilized for swimming in a pool rather than walking on the sidewalk and c) officially licensed Dora the Explorer merchandise. She didn't appear to be concerned with any of my well-reasoned points, and I decided to preserve my efforts for future and greater battles. About three blocks down the street Lila froze, dropped her hand from mine, looked up at me with an air of mischief and jumped with both feet straight into a puddle. Neither Kelsey nor I have taught her the joy of jumping in puddles, so kid instinct must have kicked in. For a fleeting moment I debated being the responsible father that I strive to be and immediately running her home to put on dry socks before she caught a life-threatening cold or contracted one of many potential puddle-borne illnesses. But nostalgia won out and I gave her a minute to jump. And maybe so I could get it on camera.

You're welcome.


Jessica Blake said...

"puddle-bourne illness" got me good.
ps. i love the little slapping sound her feet make when they hit the water.

Stan, Dana, and Isaac said...

she. is. awesome.