Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what's the diagnosis?

"Double ear infection."  If I had a nickel...

Oh well, day two of antibiotics and we're feeling better already.  Lila's still a little unpredictable with her moods, though.  One minute she's her sweet, charming little self and the next she's yelling at me and throwing a fit for whatever reason.

Because I haven't really been out of the house in a week or so (I know, I picked the nicest week of the year to be sick), we decided to go visit Daddy for lunch.  Lila was cute and sat nicely in the booth while the Husband and I ate.  She entertained us with her new party trick, a quintessential little girl move - an over-the-top fake laugh combined with her hand cupped coyly over her mouth.  I don't know where she picked it up, but it's pretty hilarious and she knows it: 

Then, she and Daddy had some booth wrestling:

Lila plays dirty - she grabbed Daddy's beard and yanked...
...but Daddy's stronger so he put her in a tickle hold!
After their wrestling match, Lila squirmed her way out of the booth and took it upon herself to scrub the walls of the restaurant with the wipe I had given her to clean her hands.  Why she loves to clean, I'll never know.  She certainly didn't come by it naturally because this is what my dining room table usually looks like:

Or worse. *sigh*

When we got home, she was more than ready for her nap and had swung to that not-so-happy end of the spectrum.  When I came around the car to unbuckle her she said yelled, "NO! I stay IN HERE!"  You know, in that charming way that toddlers have when they raise their voice an octave for each word to make their point clear.  When she got to the word "HERE!" she was positively shrieking.  Obviously I stood my ground because I'm of the belief that an over-tired two-year-old with a double ear infection should not be calling the shots when it comes to whether or not it's nap time.  But, I didn't come out of that battle unscathed.  She took her revenge on me by swiping my neck like an angry cat:
battle wound
 It's all shiny because I put antibiotic ointment on it because who knows what's under those tiny little fingernails.

Despite all that she went down for her nap mostly peacefully, for which I was quite grateful.  Although, she's already begun her post-nap shenanigans after only an hour and half of silence.  That's not nearly a long enough nap for a sick Baby Girl and her Mommy (with whom she so generously shared her cold).  Unfortunately, the animated way she's narrating her Lambie's actions suggests that she's up for good.  *big, deep breath* Time to pony up - Mommy style.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying this beautiful weather cold, flu, fever, ear infection and cat-fight free!

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Stan, Dana, and Isaac said...

1. I love your honesty about your dining room table. It is awesomely...normal and makes me feel like I can be your friend. Haha... not that I couldn't be before... just saying.

2. Sorry about your battle wound! Ouch! And sorry that you guys are sicky. Bummer. :(

3. Lila and Eric's wrestling match pics, and your commentary, are adorable.

the end. :)